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March 8th 2003
I have applied to the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Most Variations On A Single Comic-Strip Panel".
The verification process takes 4-8 weeks.

March 19th 2003
New limited-edition merchandise! DINO STICKERS
and still on sale:
is this underwear polished because i can see myself in them
dino thongs

April 2nd 2003
We have won the Peter Patafie Gold Prize, which is a very nice way to say that we have good comics. The prize comes with a cheque, which, it turns out, is also a very nice way to say that we have good comics.

Thank you to Peter and everyone else involved the competition!

April 17th 2003 is a friend of the Canadian Tulip Festival (et en francais, aussi). The festival is a three-week series of tulip-themed events, and rock music concerts. When I was at the Tulip Festival last year, a plane flew overhead with a banner trailing behind it (these things exist in real life!) that said "BULK DISCOUNT PORN" and phone number (now forgotten). I am included among such serious companies as Bell Canada, Microsoft Canada, etc. But is the only web-site with comics on it. Also, I think it is the only web-site with cuss words on it, but I didn't check out Bell's site too closely.

May 11th 2003
I have gone away for a three-week sojourn in the UK; in my absence comics by invited guest artists are running! It is like inviting a stranger into your house and then watching him play with your toys in ways you never expected or perhaps even wanted!

June 27th 2003
Apparently Guinness and I don't share the same sense of humour.

February 15th 2004
Today in history: in 1852 the Great Ormond St Hospital for Sick Children, London, admits its first patient!