So anyway I wasn't going to have any links on this site so it would be the Dead End of the Internet but there are some great sites that you will like so without further stalling for time here they are:

(you should explore them all for maximum awesomeness)

presenting the amazing turing test three-panel link comic! refresh for more adventures!

a softer world



pokey the penguin!!

white ninja comics


poppycock theatre

killroy and tina

acid keg

buttercup festival

brainwrap comics

bird and moon

bob the angry flower

diesel sweeties

questionable content

a lesson is learned but the damage is irreversible

vg cats

chugworth academy

the perry bible fellowship

lick my jesus


keaner dot net


nine planets without intelligent life

sam and fuzzy

beaver and steve

super mega comics

the secret friend society

alien loves predator


wiki's lessons in life

whispered apologies

scary go round

bolt city

astronaut elementary


if you are interested in the visual conceit of dinosaur comics and also like awesome comics, you might also be interested in:

dinosaur comics mashup

exercises in style

death to the extremist


artists whose work i really like but who don't really have a current online comic but probably have a print comic that you will like, i think:

andy runton: owly

bryan lee o'malley: scott pilgrim

eddie campbell

vera brosgol

stuff that's still awesome even if it isn't a comic:

eric conveys an emotion

creatures in my head

dinosaur comics appears in these excellent publications, online and in print:

the newspaper

flak magazine

nfg magazine

sonic slang

here are some other fun things i've done, and i hope you will like them:

a dada world

webcomic tattoos

story engine

here are somethings that defy categorization!:
dinosaur comics' wikipedia entry
dinosaur comics' wikiquote entry

link to with your choice of wacky banner:

by the kind folks at the webcomic book club, who have reviewed dinosaur comics

or maybe you don't have that much space?

we are listed in: - A Directory of Online Comics

finally, those with a sinister interest in me personally would be advised to see this list of other stuff i've done!
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