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December 16th, 2015: What are you doing this Thursday night? TOMORROW NIGHT, that is?? I sure hope it involves coming to The Fifth-Ever Beguiling, Dinosaur Comics, Squirrel Girl, Jughead, Kaptara, A Softer World Holiday Party 2015!! It's at Pauper's Pub in Toronto, it features AWESOME PALS, and there'll be a Secret Santa exchange. You should come! Click here to read more, and here is the Facebook event!

To make sure the best gifts ever in time get to you when you want them, be sure to order before December 10th for US addresses!!

You and yours may DEFINITELY enjoy these items!!

One year ago today: if there isn't already a podcast called "super-fan", please start it, i promise to listen to AT LEAST two episodes and maybe MORE

– Ryan

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