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What are the haps my friends

September 24th, 2007: My street artist friend Posterchild (who you may know from his Mario question blocks) asked me if he could remix one of my shirts, and I was all, "YES PLZ". He's got the remixed shirt on his site now. Check it out! The slogan comes from a reader who emailed me a year or so ago (I searched and couldn't find the email) telling me about his brother who was trying to describe my "Not all dreams can come true" shirt to a friend, but could only remember it as "There is no hope at all." Awesome.

Hey, today is a special day because today we get a Dresden Codak update! It's such a good comic, you guys. This week's comic is gorgeous. Also, today's Overcompensating is great as well. THIS CONCLUDES "COMICS RYAN LOVES AND HOPES YOU DO TOO" FOR FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2007

One year ago today: BACKSTORY: there's a new game called 'ultimate real-life road trip simulator' and the devil wants to know if it's worth downloading the shareware version because his dsl is out so he's on dialup and the file is about 50 megs and on 2400 baud that's like two whole days of tying up the phone line so is it worth it is his question

– Ryan

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