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cum on behind victories
come from behind victories
dabo dogs
dabo boys
dabo girls
all the sacks in Sackville
liking your women like you like your disco, disastrous, impossible, super special, crazy crazy, oh, oh, oh
all the whores in Whoreville
the plans the Sackville Bagginses had for moving into his fine hobbit hole
JACOB Regan Murphy
Edward Regan Murphy
Jack Roland Murphy
being born a lion but identifying as a sealion
Panko Crumbs
Danko Jones
being shadowed to the Spanish Realm
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(1) Let me hear the sound you'd make if you were slashed in half by a sword
(1) liking your women like you like your steak, blue
(1) Animorphs, the most beautiful lie
(1) The Shining really is a great name for a romcom
(4) girl on girl sex during POST PARTUM PSYCHOSIS
(1) girl on girl sex during pregnancy
(1) groping beasts
(1) groping breasts
(1) in sixth grade, hearing a story where some girl supposedly got her first period after taking a hot bath and having sex
(1) wondering whether there are any straight males who are lesbian
(1) wondering whether there are any straight males who are lesbian icons in the same way that Judy Garland, Cher, et al are icons for gay men
(1) Annual Pony Rape Bout I
(3) liking your sex like you like your congress, stilted, formal, and culminating in a bill
(2) reading that Julian Assange's internet has gone down and Wikileaks believes this was done by "a state party" and thinking no, it's probably his fucking printer shitting up the homehub, or his FourG dongle provider doing upgrades and crippling coverage
(1) looking at porn
(3) Xragb
(1) titter, the porno version of twitter
(2) Chloe tho
(1) nobody measuring dickgirl Rachel Stevens in a regret yet
(1) nobody mentioning rachel in a regret yet
(2) Child found dead in Fenton colon Woman arrested
(1) fuck marry kill, sexual intercourse, marriage, homicide
(1) Mr Barasch said the lab had shown that people were ready for cruel anal
(1) that the regret index is no longer powered by regret
(5) discovering you were blocked by someone you respect on social media, but having no idea when or why this happened
(6) Theresa May bragged about Britain being world's fifth largest economy, After her speech, it dropped to sixth
(3) Bicoid Fetus shits water being frightened
(4) kind of wishing that Ryan would give one of us administrator privileges so we can get rid of the spam comments
(2) The Gay Sisters
(1) wondering if there is bad blood between John Goodfuck and Dong Goodman over who first had the idea of becoming a John Goodman parody gay porn star
(2) wondering if Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson ever considered naming his daughter Dog Paper
(1) retiting early
(1) any hole's a gold
(2) Now turn around bitch, put that ass on a nigga, grind on his dick make it get a little bigger
(2) Anti Defamation League Declares Pepe the Frog Shit
(2) having sex with a girl who looked a lot like Doll Ritchie
(1) all the people getting head on graciefilms dot com
(2) being c%l
(1) talking about poop poop poop muzik
(1) forcing yourself too deep
(2) our foreign and domestic policy is mostly going to consist of walking into doors
(7) Your comment must be in English or it will be removed
(2) that it's pretty much just racism
(1) semen slander
(3) applying for a job at Playboy
(4) crying while listening to Agadoo
(2) The trouble with a 'scientific' argument, of course, is that it relies solely on empirical facts
(1) naming your raggy do
(2) wanting to give Kento a butterfinger for his birthday
(1) shootin' some bystanders outside of the school
(1) this is exactly what I'm talking about, Eleanor has obviously programmed the Mk VII to choose banging a door and actually getting off on it over any kind of sexual activity with me, that whole site is a scam
(4) saving the life of a unmarried teen mother at the expense of two wealth creating cats
(17) moralmachine dot mit dot edu
(1) look at these cans
(1) look at this ass
(2) this ass
(1) that's quite the ask
(2) this ad
(1) Martian Anus
(2) I use my anus
(1) Martin Anus
(1) I use my penis
(1) the fact of almost incestuous breeding
(6) wondering what a half centaur would look like
(1) telling Olive Garden you left all its crap in a box on the sidewalk on your smartphone, leaving out that you kept that sweater that still smells of Olive Garden's musk
(1) wishing you had better computer skills so you could make a "Look at this Braff" Nickelback video
(3) that time you tried making Kento a wedding cake for his birthday and it all ended in tears
(1) twelfth of never on the sand
(2) love cuts just like a knife
(2) Air China receives criticism in the United Kingdom after it releases an advertisement warning passengers from visiting areas of London populated by blacks, Indians and Pakistanis
(2) the only fruit juice you had on han was Naked Green Machine
(4) The American popstar Madonna agrees on a settlement with her former consort Guy Ritchie over their heir
(1) the Imgurian daguerreotype of the horny podcaster
(6) Rob Schneider doesn't count
(3) fuck marry kill, Ash, Brock, Misty
(1) fuck marry kill, Jessie, James, Meowth
(2) learning just now that there's just one d in sodomizing
(1) which active actors have eaten the most cock in the past decade
(1) which active actors have eaten the most cod in the past decade
(2) wanting to double check with your low key girlfriend from when you were sixteen that she did not in fact get pregnant and never tell you, because maybe being a deadbeat absent dad is better than being forever alone
(10) Females are fifty percent more likely than males to switch hands while masturbating
(291) turtles
(109) your boobs buying food on ebay
(10) forgetting sarah marshall
(21) meeting Brian Peppers
(1) Apple Colon give us your fuckin' money
(1) An Ohio entrepreneur has filed an application to trademark the name of Harambe
(4) After she sent him a cartoon image of a pump bottle of hand lotion and a box of tissues, he responded with a graphic, homemade text and emoji image of an ejaculating penis
(1) wondering whether Trump was bragging or y'know actually bragging about shooting a man in the middle of fifth avenue
(3) incendio
(2) fuck marry kill, Bob McKenzie, Doug McKenzie, Hayden Christensen
(3) fuck marry kill, Kento, Brian Peppers, Sylvia Browne
(3) reading a crap book about ready made Hebrews
(1) fuck marry kill, Lauren Tom, Kiana Tom, Tom of Finland
(1) delicious artisanal sandwiches
(2) using an oil based lubricant during really hot sex
(2) it you cut down the tree the hedges get more light
(9) what some people jack off to
(32) that Kento's birthday passed a week ago and you didn't even have a chance to make him a sandwich
(1) believing you can fly

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kind of loving Gene Hunt, that magnificent bastard (1.0000)
the goddamn deliberately disabled modems Earthlink sent out to customers in the early aughts, cannot enable DHCP without "paying" extra, and using PPoE plus a router with DHCP disables streaming video, FU Earthlink (1.0000)
bragging about being from West Virginia (1.0000)
shows that only have eight episodes per season (1.0000)
regrets about pony blowing (1.0000)
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sucking her left one until she had a breastgasm (0.0000)
telling the Philippines authorities that Kento is a drug mule (0.0000)
using the word "waffletastic" (0.0000)
rubbing one out in the bathroom at church (0.0000)
killing the California girls (0.0000)
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meeting Brian Peppers (12561/0.9789)
Kento (2760/0.9993)
turtles (2607/0.0004)
the death of Sylvia Browne (2431/0.0004)
that you're suddenly very interested in the origin of the champagne out of a shoe trope (2336/0.5076)
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tricking a straight guy into dating another straight guy (356)
turtles (291)
your boobs buying food on ebay (109)
the death of Sylvia Browne (70)
not getting circumcised (63)
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