Chinese finger cuffs

a regret index of 1 is ultimate regret
this result collects the hard-earned
experience of 5 lifetimes of regret
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recent regrets

eating that chicken flavored ramen that make your sweat smell like chicken
hashtag lickalewdcrab
hashtag clickalewdbra
hashtag weirdcallback
Kento Bustyfundamentes
Kento didn't start out with the world's bustiest asshole, he had to work up to it
almost typoing "busiest" instead of "biggest"
Kento didn't start out with the world's biggest asshole, he had to work up to it
I do know who that is
implying that your asshole is the same size as or larger than Kento's
that 'chocolate rain' was not the name of a tactic employed by Cao Cao during the Yellow Turban Rebellion
chocolate rain guy
I don't know who that is
that Tay Zonday is doing a live Q&A stream right now
being gifted rat fisting cocaine
being gifted fist rating cocaine
being gifted a gastric infection
Pokemon Pigeons and Dildos
the warlord Cao Cao waged war against Mr Slutty Brown Anal Teen, eh
the warlord Cao Cao waged war against the Yellow Turban remnants
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recent comments

(2) your new dildo being too big for you
(1) pitching an original sitcom in which Charles Martinet and Scott Baio play a prominently married couple who make a living playing traditional Mexican music, Mariochachi Band
(4) wondering who Tabitha on regret two zero six eight was and how she found the index
(1) being followed on twitter by a guy named BLAZING HOMOSEX
(2) Kento "Dick Dick Dick" Ikeda
(1) Kim Jong nam really looking like the Asian Dom Deluise
(3) how the Grinch stole the US Federal Gold Reserve, over two hundred police and national guard dead, a nation mourns
(1) the world is not a tangled knot of failure
(1) Afro Samurai
(1) Nabooian nerve knockers
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top regrets

kind of loving Gene Hunt, that magnificent bastard (1.0000)
the goddamn deliberately disabled modems Earthlink sent out to customers in the early aughts, cannot enable DHCP without "paying" extra, and using PPoE plus a router with DHCP disables streaming video, FU Earthlink (1.0000)
shows that only have eight episodes per season (1.0000)
that I'm afraid the pretzels are no longer complimentary, Mr Bond (1.0000)
regrets about pony blowing (1.0000)
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bottom regrets

sucking her left one until she had a breastgasm (0.0000)
banging a Tim Burton heroine (0.0000)
using the word "waffletastic" (0.0000)
rubbing one out in the bathroom at church (0.0000)
killing the California girls (0.0000)
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most voted regrets

meeting Brian Peppers (12561/0.9789)
Kento (2760/0.9993)
turtles (2607/0.0004)
the death of Sylvia Browne (2431/0.0004)
that you're suddenly very interested in the origin of the champagne out of a shoe trope (2336/0.5076)
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most discussed regrets

tricking a straight guy into dating another straight guy (357)
turtles (291)
your boobs buying food on ebay (109)
the death of Sylvia Browne (70)
not getting circumcised (63)
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