wondering if Chris Lydon or the walrus ever fails to climax, and, if so, whether Kento sees it as a personal failure

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Can't say I've ever given it any thought, but: when a male is near climaxing, telling them you're cheating on/with them is usually enough to push them over the edge. Conversely the opposite is often true for females, but I am not the best person to ask here.
I should also say that it doesn't have to be true.: Also, there are lots of good medical reasons, not all of them scary, why someone wouldn't climax. For older males like Chris, the pressure to maintain erection can be quite difficult, assuming that as most do he suffers from hypo or hyper tension.
The good news for Kento is that it isn't his fault and he shouldn't feel responsibility, but it can be hard to separate the feeling from the reality, especially if he's trying to get Chris some medical or psychiatric help.: The bad news is that sex can bring out the worst of anyone's passions, and that can happen when you're naked, vulnerable physically and emotionally, and facing down a man who can whip you with his penis.
I guess what I was asking is, if his sexual partners failed to finish for whatever reason: whether Kento viewed it as his personal failure as a cumdumpster.
Like, if you're an air traffic controller and three planes crash on your watch, you probably go home feeling pretty shitty. If you work at McDonald's and you forget to put the correct number of McNuggets in the box, your sense of self-worth is hurt.: And if Kento wasn't able to fill himself up with all that hot man-chowder and walrus-chowder, he would feel like he didn't do his job, right?
Don't be ridiculous: Kento ain't got no feelings. He's made of rubber.
And cum.: Rubber and cum.

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