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always knowing before it's over, deep down it's time to go?
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recent regrets

wondering what we do if Kento's dad like googles himself or has us drawn to his attention one day and starts coming around here being fatherly and such
humping Go Ikeda's bust
when copying files takes so long you can actually go make a hot drink and come back and start drinking it before the job is done
Collie Flower
Broc Collie
Lucy Beaumont
once you go Go Ikeda's fist, you, dammit, I totally had something for this
you've introduced me to a whole new world of butt games
making Sylvia Browne a hot browne sandwich for her deathday
browning Sylvia Browne's breasts
going Go Ikeda's fist
peppering Brian Peppers' brain
canning Raymond Burr's cans
buttering Raymond Burr's buns
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(1) wondering if there was something in the recent comments that finally got Ryan a cease & desist letter
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top regrets

feeling iffy from lithium (1.0000)
forgetting how to brake on an icy bridge and consequently totalling your reliable and beloved car (1.0000)
not realizing until you had wasted lots of time that when your ex said he didn't want a serious relationship, he meant it (1.0000)
your recent accomplishments leaving you feeling spent, used, and broken into smithereens, rather than joyous, celebratory or purposeful (1.0000)
having no way of knowing whether a new friend, a sweet but chaotic nutter, is alive or dead as of this morning, and having to wait thirty six hours to find out for sure (1.0000)
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bottom regrets

using the word "waffletastic" (0.0000)
sucking her left one until she had a breastgasm (0.0000)
humping Jewel's bust (0.0000)
fisting Go Ikeda (0.0000)
telling that girl in second grade who insisted that you were "the boss of her" to show you her vagina (0.0000)
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most voted regrets

meeting Brian Peppers (12078/0.9998)
turtles (2607/0.0004)
the death of Sylvia Browne (2430/0.0000)
that you're suddenly very interested in the origin of the champagne out of a shoe trope (2336/0.5076)
breasts (1440/0.0135)
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