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dinosaur comics mashup: choose your universe!

evan hall uses his clever skills to add new images to the dinosaur comics template! choose your universe and enjoy the dinosaur comics in an hilarious new context.
see what it would be like if dinosaur comics had puppies with wigu, buttercup festival, pokey the penguin, penny arcade, and dead funny!

dadasaurus rex!

leonard richardson uses his sweet computer skills to bring you over a billion billion new comics. a panel is taken from one randomly-chosen dinosaur comic, combined with panels from 5 other random dinosaur comics, combined with a random footer, and the result is surreal hilarity. updated every minute with a new comic! some favourites are listed here on the messageboard.

Chris Noessel has put together a very cool news-reading site called NewsRex! It gets the latest headlines from Reuters in 8 different categories, and presents these stories in Dinosaur Comics form. This is brilliant. Do you have trouble keeping up with international news because it's always presented in a non-comics format? Not anymore you don't.
Matthew Fickett wrote a great Dinosaur Comics Widget for the Max OS 10 Dashboard, which "displays the first panel of the current Dinosaur Comic. Now, at a single keystroke or mouse move, you can see what the state of the Rex is (and if it's lit up bright, I know it's time to click on it and see the new one)." If you've got a Mac, you'll probably like this!


dinosaur comics nethack patch

leonard richardson brings the t-rex, utahraptor, and dromiceiomimus (and adorable baby versions!) to the extremely addictive, text-based, single-player game of nethack.

Jeff Mumm, who does a comic called Obscured By Species, made a Dinosaur Comic game. Sweet! You can play it under Windows and you can check it out here!


(5 meg download, .mov format)
dinosaur comics: the animated series - episode one by jason eppink!
if you ever wondered what the dino comics animated series would look like, this might help you sleep at night!

(23 meg download, .mov format)
things that don't exist by jason eppink, matt hannon, & alex taite
pretty much the best video ever. singing sock puppets talk about things that don't exist! as seen on malibu's randumb show. here's the mp3 and here's the lyrics!

(23 meg download, .mov format)
exercises in deconstructionist post-modern video in five parts by jason eppink
jason applies the dinosaur comics concept to video!
if you wanted to make your OWN audio track to this, that would be pretty cool!


Dance of the T-Rex by ryan north
i made this t-rex theme song for myself! i am my own biggest fan

DINOSAURZ WITH ATTITUDE by livestock at large
based on these guest comics by zole!

CRAZY UTAHRAPTOR by joey comeau and gilyan merry
also available: a crazy euro-funk remix!
also available: Snyder vs Joey and Gilyan: CRAZY UTAHRAPTOR (Corrupt the Youth Mix)

FRESHLY SHOWERED by joseph liechty, based on his favourite comic
(also available: a less-echo-y version)

DINOSAUR COMICS: A ROCK MUSICAL by jimmy wood, based on this particular comic which is popular among fans of pirates

Jimmy has also been working on a ska version of this song. Here is a MIDI of it.
It totally sounds like the theme song to a dino comics sidescrolling platform game from the early nineties!

THINGS THAT DO NOT EXIST by jason eppink, matt hannon, & alex taite, based on this particular comic
(also available: the song in context! the video is linked to above, where you can see the song accompanied by singing sock puppets.)
(the lyrics!)

The Stomping Song, by Snyder.
If you like your stomping beats to be electronic and fresh, this is totally the song for you!
(also available: a live version of the song!)

My Truth, The Right Truth, by Snyder.
more beats which are fresh, performed by the dinosaur comics dinosaurs


You might want to use this blank template put together by Ciaran!

t-rex in a field of wheat by tim maly
compressed origin comics: dinosaur comics by snowmit
chicago by jamie dunston
thriller by joey liechty
t-rex goes to lambeau field by edward haydin
too bad for you by gilyan merry
conversations nick has been party to comics by nick fagerlund
i'm a ninja by tim fraczak
inverted colour comics by jon byrd
without deviation by jeff heller
condensed shakespearean theatre by jeff heller
david hume comics - credits by brett bordelon
david hume comics - prelude by brett bordelon
david hume comics - sentimentalism by brett bordelon
david hume comics - rationalism by brett bordelon
david hume comics - reality by brett bordelon
david hume comics - the copy principle by brett bordelon
david hume comics - causation by brett bordelon
david hume comics - free will by brett bordelon
david hume comics - bonus wordplay by brett bordelon
david hume comics - causation, revisited by brett bordelon
drawing comics: a cautionary tale by ben bartlett
comics in which the punchline is completely unrelated to the rest of the comic by steve subrizi
pulp fiction by steve subrizi
reporters from the local news station by george wang
a comic in which the t-rex's moral uprightness is questioned by tyler griffiths
betta fish by brittany deeds
the power of imagination by allison sly
the power of imagination - original sketch by allison sly
the power of imagination - fully inked version by allison sly
greetings from the umternet by chad humphries
death is the opposite of life: zombies by ben tippet
fan art comics by the phantom
fancomicing by tom sikkema
comics in which the t-rex realizes the true nature of his interaction with the things that he stomps by paul watts
not making sense comics by alex roth
virus by angela huckelba
four comics in one by tom sikkema
extended shakespeare comics, part 3452 of 10456 by brian schlosser and wm. shakespeare
everybody loves t-rex by brian schlosser
comics that theorize on what the world would be like without the word 'climb' by steve subrizi
the new 2004 toyota prius by mason r.k. hall
the prettiest bow by shawna lipton
dromecious (sp?) by douglas young
anthropology comics by derek kraft
my favourite conversation with evan (silverware) by aaorn
not as cool as ryan by vileterror as part of this
not as cool as talking dinosaurs by vileterror as part of this
comics in which england gets their arse kicked by ireland at rugby! by michael dunn
i have decided i want to learn perl! by alan
a very confusing day! by ben bartlett
compressed film comics: army of darkness by shawn warren
troy babbs uses dinosaur comics to invite people out to parties by, um, troy babbs
faith is not belief without proof but trust without reservation by mike thomson, esq
i am the sexiest dinosaur by krishna jain
grand narrative comics by sean gilbertson
back on track comics by sean gilbertson
man-bosoms by sean gilbertson
do the numbers by sean gilbertson
utahraptor on guitar by rope erasers
the raccoons was a great cartoon show by cornelious townsend
gloria gaynor comics by stephy
scare old people by eric
comics in which the word 'totally' is overused by drdogbreath
compressed comics - the incredible hulk by al ewing
today is a beautiful day to be stomping on things IN JAPAN by emily burleson
today is a beautiful day to be stomping on things IN JAPAN by quietust
talk talk by talk talk by jason mckillican
creationism comix by shawn warren
voodoo threats by christine kelley
dromiceiomimus beat me up by connor gorman
telefrancais theme comics by cornelious townsend
a part of our heritage by mark shallow
penny inflation by kevin hainline
boom boom boom by murray barnes
oedipus t.rex by ben bartlett
perform an act of stupidity by paul ferguson
thus transforming them into private investigators by paul ferguson
today is a good day for awesome by snowmit
the hokey pokey by hoshinotrigger
a comic about a tiny woman with a bad / oh so good pun at the end by andrew blair
product placement comics by snowmit
priceless movie moments comics: the breakfast club by paul watts
t-rex and friends in: the 80s! by brandon clark
deja-vu by owen carleton
kites by snowmit
cautionary tale comics about bird poop by newagesoldier
in which t-rex discovers the inherent injustice in the system by ben tippet
fashion statement comics by tomathy forkingo
communal verse comics by tomathy forkingo
realizing not all things are as pleasent as they seem by madame lunacy
compressed shakespeare comics by robert harper
relationship comics by ben bartlett
wooly willy comics by baxter fox baxter
i've lost my will to stomp by baxter fox baxter
it's too dark to see by james tomlinson
alt-text by oliver t.c. brackenbury
blatant plug comics by murray barnes
functionalism by scottie
inspired by irene cara of all people by al ewing
contact lenses by zach hazard
rocking out by j.s.
compressed comics: judge dredd by al ewing
what happened? someone set up us the bomb by vash
comics in which the t-rex emulates politics by derek dalton
teaching maths is a criminal offence by tomathy forkingo
public health comics by lick my jesus
rhythm of love by paul ferguson
fundamentalism by tom hart
65 million years later... by raymie smith
hills like white elephants comics by dirk keaton
travelling companion by chad humphries
the morrissey story by al ewing
parallel universes by sean mcdonnell
this is a test of the emergency broadcast system by sean mcdonnell
i thought you were a vegetarian by steve finlayson and corey bedell
the apocalypse by tommy dumouchelle
chicken or the egg comics by patrick canning
an omnivore by corey mcdaniel
words you don't want used on you by ian brillembourg
dinorama template by wendy bateman, using the cutouts from this site
erotic cakes by matt case
comics in which the text in the last panel is said sarcastically by paul cooper
to the bookstore for reading fun! by tommy dumouchelle
funny misunderstandings comics by scott pugh
today is a good day for a trip to the dentist by scott pugh
dinosaur comics for llama fans by scott pugh
more math jokes! by baxter fox baxter
do i get sex? by brent kinkade
nerd glasses and the greatest diversion ever by brent kinkade
i'm all blurry! by crazy quagga
today's topic: jealousy by crazy quagga
moral arguments favouring a permissive attitude towards drugs by crazy quagga
compressed action film comics by tommy dumouchelle
outside the box dinosaur comics by anonymous rex
t-rex becomes a vegan by ross and mike
i'm feelin' lucky: a cautionary tale by alex gough
where'd you learn to drive by eric feurstein
oedipus rex: silent version by eric feurstein
eva 03 - i feel today that my actions will be charged with symbolism by ben tippet
dinosaur election comics by steve finlayson
a divine endeavour by assaf friedman
pokey the penguin by cameron turner
compressed film comics: jurrasic park by joe taylor
t-rex gets political by joe taylor
holmes refuses to be my friend by justin warren
don't you think that every time you look at the last panel? by luke hansen
grammar comics by luke hansen
honey, i blew up that woman you're always stomping on by joe taylor
the new and fantastic world of internet comics by kerrie thornhill
finnegan's wake by martin warin
t-rex in: valley girl by martin warin
t-rex is godzilla, you are tokyo by joe taylor
laser vision is in by joe taylor
joey and emily's fans are the creepiest, for sure by eden
qwantz - geniální pøevlek by stanicezoo
the utahraptor has discovered qwantz! by benjamin b. bartlett
obvious punchlines by mack johnson
can theism be considered a logical philosophy? by archibald "moonlight" graham
dialogue-centric comics that teach an important if overly preachy lesson by mack johnson
you are the least modest dinosaur i have ever met by stephen seddon
t-rex stars in "software piracy" by racie briggs
dinosaur baby comics by andy dunn
rock! by luke hansen
have your pets spayed or neutered by adam moses
godzilla: hey! everybody! look! i'm godzilla! by the one and only ben tippet
godzilla: i am the genie that won't return to its bottle by the one and only ben tippet
small lady's big day by tomathy forkingo
robosaur comics i by lynn
it's wednesday! by anonymous rex
dino comics, guest starring morton by tommy dumouchelle
undermining religions comics by cassandra fuhr, cribbed from this chick tract
crazy t-rex by tom ireland
wretched dinosaur comics by anonymous rex
dinosaur comics presents: the dangers of curiosity! by ben bartlett
godzilla: dance dance revolution by ben tippet
comics containing "die hard with a vengeance" quotes by matt rusnak
antialiasing! by michael daniels
embraxin'! by garrett johnson
don't back down! by bruce firestone
australian dinosaur athletics by bruce firestone
a house with a view by snard, combining tomathy forkingo's small lady's big day with these dogs
nature rave time! by ian f. brillembourg
i don't believe in gravity by nick styles
t-rex in "card games" by martin warin
the best dinosaur game ever by brent kinkade
t-rex plays counter strike by ben stall27
vacation comics by snard
i hope you like foucault and lyotardean postmodernist theory by jeremy martin
dinosaur comics greatest hits by stirling mclaughlin
t-rex in: outdated catchphrase comics by alex frank
part 1: psi-tv by colin 'oddzer' sandel
part 2: my world is collapsing around me by colin 'oddzer' sandel
part 3: role reversal by colin 'oddzer' sandel
part 4: frankly, i'm at a loss by colin 'oddzer' sandel
part 5: the end? by colin 'oddzer' sandel
bonus: comics in which everybody gets a good laugh by colin 'oddzer' sandel
roadmap to success dinosaur comics by anonymous rex
intelligent graffiti! by steve finlayson
t-rex and his wacky dinosaur friends, imaginary friend edition by tommy dumouchelle
selling out dinosaur comics, featuring i-pods! by anonymous rex
comics that fleet by sean gilbertson
t-rex in: awesome comics by tomathy forkingo and ashley
what do you think of michael moore? by katie, as in tom's sister
moon comics by welshy
jurassic park 4: wrath of khan! by welshy
today is a good day i think for making a mixtape! liner notes by ari
freeze, scum-bag! by anonymous rex
justice: the canadian way by luckyirish
it ends a billion billion years later with the death of the frozen universe by joe taylor
compressed origin story comics: this comic by cameron turner and troy de viet
advanced case of lockjaw by welshy
postmodern dance by peter smith
t-rex no longer likes to be referred to by his real name while he is on the internet by peter smith
it's hard to appease people on the subject of graffiti (ps the sad bird is called saddy mcsadsad) by steve finlayson
naked checkers by ricky romero
crashlanding on a strange planet and/or arizona comics by peter smith
nihilism by mack johnson
comics in which the cast act out the lives of real people by andrew blair
that log cabin over there is a terrorist safehouse by sheldon long
head's on fire, but that don't get me down none by jason sokolowski
man am i grumpy! by jason sokolowski
it would seem that i am incapable of smiling! by humans>dolphins
firehead: i'm hot today! by jason sokolowski
t-rex in: summarize proust, from monty python by murgatroyd
rock dinosaur comic by euklides
t-rex in: dude! where's my car? by david rochefort
a dark and artistically stormy night by maru
the territory is not the map by maru
the blood of the exploited working class by tommy dumouchelle
firehead: nobody knows my pain by jason sokolowski
firehead: master chef by tomathy forkingo
love is like a bicycle by maggie dort
how not to make a dinosaur comic by maru
the one true platonic dinosaur comic by maru
i play with my food to make similar statements by les parker
it's a late show in the other sense of the word by les parker
yeah well, dinosaur comics is an anagram for 'acid scum orions' by les parker
it's the arts by snard
false inductive proof comics by jon sharkey
the t-rex who cried wolf by jon sharkey
t-rex in "what is there to do?" by tom ireland
firefly reference comics by sockatume
i am fat and equally ugly by john shell
t-rex really gets a zinger there at the end by john shell
es war nur ein traum (it was all a german dream) by katy renahan
firehead: a little song we have here down in van city by jason sokolowski
summary of u.s. presidential debate by daniel gurin
in tribute to the grand high muugle wump of absurdism by maru
today we mock religion! ha ha! it's all in good fun! by maru
a comic imitating ryan's obssesion with sex by maru
a new oracle for the ages by maru
an inquiet disquisition on linguistics by maru
everybody was not kungfu fighting by maru
i feel as though nothing is permanent anymore by jai salzwedel
cutting corners with t-rex by superking
t-rex sings by mike woolman
lear as t-rex by daniel inouye
pop culture comics by ryan henneboehle
pancake vs. waffle comics by garren haskell (pirate versus ninja!)
t-rex in: party at brian's by renee
i'll narrate every action as i am performing it! by renee
firehead: protest by jason sokolowski
training for the olympics by justin warren
misinterpreted intent comics by one eric burns
the practice of zen by ben bartlett
mst3k by mack johnson
curiosity: satisfied, in animation form! by lord robert s. brown
comics in which dinosaurs live out awkward experiences by steven finlayson
ahh, claymation! by the brown twins
so i hear it's ryan's birthday by ben stall27
t-rex isn't here today by rob graham
dinosaur comics fan fiction by tommy dumouchelle
cause and effect by rob trump
reality outside my own mind by rob trump
to be or not to be by rob trump
a more realistic world by joey comeau
dinosaur comics variety show by andy dunn
compressed star trek: the next generation comics by mack johnson
phd vs science by richard swinbank
troy's holiday party invitation by troy babbs
a letter from mom, in dino comic form by alexis caldwell's mom and his friend katherine
dinosaur birthday card by brent kinkade
sexy dinosaur birthday card by brent kinkade
a question for god by ryan henneboehle
t-rex in: an uneventful day by ryan henneboehle
i'll make a conscious effort to avoid repetition in my life by ryan henneboehle
halloween comics by ryan henneboehle
there is something very wrong with me! by ryan henneboehle
t-rex tricked into revealing a deep, personal secret by mitchell parsons
vote 2008 by matt rusnak
apathy and catastrophe! by styadel
the simple life...? by matt bibby
inopportune indecision! by steve seddon
subliminal message comics by yahtzee
perhaps there is only one soul by plotless violence
comics about the nature of eroticism (meta-text comics) by eric ehlers
compressed film comics: "the butterfly effect" - director's cut by dezro
flashback episode by luckyirish
batrex by luke sharplin
misprints by rob trump
a tribute to john mayer by rob trump
political cartooning by rob trump
t-rex being a belligerant drunk by mitch parsons
what's this i hear? music? by crovax the cursed
dinosaur comics in mimed micro-icon form by andrew
i had no choice; i'm sorry by maru
a reply to the meaning of life by maru
blind faith by maru
more on the perils of inductive logic by maru
it's my birthday today! by sarah
it's my birthday: alternate ending! by sarah
surprise ending comics by chris anderson
rockysaurus picture show by
the internet loves you by the internet
what you say? by ben pippin
how are you gentlemen!! by boris smelov
pardon my french by maru
X x Y = 1 by maru
paris, land of wine, women, and cheese by mckenzee
scrambled pornography on channel 39 by gabrielle taylor
harry potter and the sorcerer's stone by Sum_Dood2003 and Furious_Cheese dino rap by anonymous rex
size matters by bit raskolnikov
does size matter? by stephen seddon
everybody's saying it! by stephen seddon
do means justify the end? by nathan lyons
thought experiments by stephen seddon
the amazing godinski by stephen seddon
comics in reverse by c. hill
i wonder if there really is a god by boris smelov
the oregon trail by steve finlayson
t-rex in: how to make dino comics fan art by tomathy forkingo
dedicated to the late dinobot by mandi
comics theory and the american empire by jimmy kustes
big words by brett burns
i have crohns disease! by brett burns
plagiarism aplenty: a cautionary tale by brett burns
an utterly false DC by maru
mmm - that's good meta! by maru
porcupine's dilemna by maru
ruling the world comics by jai salzwedel
things that aren't funny by ryan henneboehle
what's the deal with child labour by ryan henneboehle
ashlee simpson is such a rebel by ryan henneboehle and rob trump
coming to grips with mortality comics by ryan henneboehle
t-rex and his dinosaur friends in: safety dance by alex gough
a softer qwantz by jon sharkey
silent comics by max brazeau
hulk v superman by eric ehlers
ninja v jedi by eric ehlers
t-rex in: "fur skin rug" by david oestreich
i got an idea for a movie by jimmy kustes
dinosaur comics presents: an agreement by casey ormond
the master plan by steve seddon
meet the parents by steve seddon
a is a comics by drew seleski
it's a mad, mad, mad multiverse! by maru
this is how the evil shall be punished in hell by maru
absurdum was reductio! by maru
free penis enlarger! 50$ value! by maru
it's not crazy, it's delightfully eccentric! by maru
was it ogudai khan, holoku khan or what- i dunno by maru
wishing something into existence is hip! by maru
my spoon is too big! by jordon fouts
steve miller rockin' by steve shell
say it once, say it twice by jamie burnside
grumff by kendall stewart
emoticomic by kendall stewart
modèle du québec by mack johnson, based on this comic
bleu comique by information jimmy
adventures in emo... 3! by dave coates
batman comics part one by morgan matz
batman comics part two by morgan matz
stupid utahraptor thinks he can wreak my song by jamie burnside
t-rex presents: tales from murakami by kristian green
non-canon comics by daniel wilkes
off-broadway "home alone" by ed burke
t-rex, james t-rex by ed burke
musical insults by jason eppink
t-rex in: censorship comics by ed burke
shannon's pretty okay! by geoff
today is a good day i think for fighting pollution! by steve oates
"this is just to say" by aaron
t-rex in: cool new word comics by josh and neil norman
valentine's day comics by daylene ward
chicks dig dinos in hats by rob tucker
gustav III - based on a true story! by martin warin
on one has brought me presents by greg hendricks
comedy killers by superking
self-quoting by mike k
silent comics! by tommy dumouchelle
maybe i'll just express myself in song! by val obstruction
no time to talk! by steve finlayson
t-rex in: "judging people by their taste in music" by malakai p. jones
this one time i was sooo drunk by malakai p. jones
portrait of a super awesome dude who is also an artist by malakai p. jones
3d dinosaurs! by crazy quagga
agalmatophilia comics by leem
night of the dinosaurs! by lee mendham
each morning a dark and dismal prospect by amber
body fluid donation funnies by crazyd
the fast and the furian by crazyd
video game comic by crazyd
zombie propaganda comics by alex w
jesus, the fresh prince of jerusalem by levelhead
lonely by mike keen
lonely 2 by mike keen
t-rex in: "i just got a present" comics by boris smelov
shotgun shack by paul ferguson
the acquaintence by stephen seddon
dinosaur comics presents: waiting in lines by stephen seddon
missing underpants by stephen seddon
t-rex in: communism! by cubanwithahat
magic cards by bechan
sibling rivalry by thecrazyd
the naked jungle by lee mendham
a distinct lack of fan comics by m. rusnak
learning comics by dan maurice
literacy through the ages by raewyn
t-rex is: phd-man man! by richard
commonly heard expressions by bh
bootleg blooper reel by andy dunn
workplace romance by liz
medieval kings by fateduel
old people by jamieson scott
new religion by thecrazyd
new religion - alternate ending by thecrazyd
new religion - alternate ending 2 by thecrazyd
medical recklessness comics by paul watts
kill bill comics by dave coates
fellowship of the ring by dave coates
the two towers by dave coates
return of the king, part 1 by dave coates
return of the king, part 2 by dave coates
return of the king, part 3 by dave coates
the green day concert by richard rance
that won't be a pretty sight by roman
a person in your neighborhood by lee mendham
a preacher, a saint, and yet they dared cast aspersions by thomas meade
t-rex and the cosmic farm, part 1 by simon frankson
t-rex and the cosmic farm, part 2 by simon frankson
t-rex and the cosmic farm, part 3 by simon frankson
p.m.roget passed away 135 years ago, but his legacy lives on! by bård holtbakk
mr ed is a horse, of course, of course by bård holtbakk
collegiate mentoring: rawr! by catherine krikstan, an ra application based on this comic
the first thing that comes to your head by alex tulett
the adventures of walkter the t.rex by lee mendham, based on this comic by terry gilliam
the blues by vileterror
soylent green by benn neufeld
snafu by benn neufeld
monday again by moroni brun
i am a dinosaur of strong faith by john zepernick
startling new truths by casey ormond
tatu by jordon fouts
walker, t-rexas ranger by jordon fouts
robosaur comics ii by lynn
dr. cinnamon by mack johnson
pretending to be t-rex comics by holden bellamy
nhl lockout comics by matt witting
a poem by jordan fouts
compressed film comics: pee-wee's big adventure by porygon
"whom is not a necessary construction?" comics by boris smelov
t-rex in joe's bookstore by lee mendham
ignorance by kory
the goggles they do nothing by kory
the emporer's new goove: an alternate ending by ted gerry
i don't mind the blindfold by corbie
wish way out by leem
the biggest jerk on the internet by john zepernick
postmodernism by brenton strine
i am happy for brenton strine by colin williams
wilsonian psychology by information jimmy
what's on every teen's mind by hanae
anime girls are hot by tatiana k
my invisible friend by tatiana k
symbolic interactionism by bina
today i am playing a game by michael keen
lying to your friends by michael keen
life in a vacuum by michael keen
the rex green show by jordan fouts
comics involving restraint by zaq davis
spring break! whooo! by katy renahan
pass the phil! by connor g
pass the phil! - alternate ending by connor g
the raw processing power required to create backdrops by connor g
where is my blue sedan by connor g
exhaustively bad jokes by kory
giving things up for lent comics by jeremiah franklin
zezozose phonebook by chris traslavina
alternate beginning comics by shea parker
depression by kate
last week, on dinosaur comics by mack johnson
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:0 by stuart lopresti
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unfortunate circumstances by hunter carter
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i regret nothing! by anonymous


personal achievement comics by ian jackson
dumbfounded by ian jackson
lesbianism by david heath
the popular australian soap-opera 'neighbours' by dr bob
who knows by dr bob
having an ex stay over can be an emotional experience by tim steele
the curious incident of the malting dog in winter by kelly bennett
a terrible revelation by tollie
pretend to be sensitive! by erica douglas
a good day for being danielle! by susana ferreira
t-rex in: offscreen mad scientist comics by rikard
rumpshaker by thefreak
causal determinism by ben blanding
serenity by daniel scarnecchia
i'm an intellectual by stephen richard
negative words by matth
confusion by kyle zager
derrida roar by jeremy mesiano-crookston
body odour?! by david board
this comic sucks by jon del sesto
gestational diabetes by alex han
i write comics about dinosaurs for a living by ancil anthropy
the internet is serious business by vincent johnson
playosaurus by jessice newman
i didn't know it was fake by david soucie
prozac by brucker
a rant on fan art by m h
what is love by emily c
t-rex's awesome day by bryon nelson
nothing came out by jordan fouts
i'm pretty paranoid about cookies by hesh
the failues of hedonism by john dunham
julieta's 18th birthday by julieta grinffiel
stompin rescue by johnny clucas
an instant classic by jason sokolowski
a trans dimensional portal! by christian petersen
new hat by tim ryder
a secret crush on mr. north by ali perry
war was beginning (pdf) by adam holiday
once in a lifetime by cedes m


hand-painted watercolour t-rex and utahraptor! by tommy dumouchelle. i hung it up on my wall! it's sweet. the utahraptor has just lost an argument.

t-rex and triceratops! by wendy bateman. i don't know what they're doing in the drawing but it makes me blush! i'm sorry it didn't photograph better, but it was laminated. there is a lot of detail you can't see! i put this up on my wall too - it's giant!

emo t-rex! by jane gallagher

dinosaur comics kids by justin pierce!

by wendy bateman!

did you see what rebecca did to her wall?

i heard rosemary was a great cook!

i heard zefiel plays the washboard!

t-rex facepainting, modelled by karooble

der osterbiber works those watercolour pencils!

digital watercolour t-rex by william farnham

it's me, ryan! by paige nelmes

T-ROXXOR by cody schmal

kari's birthday card: a grand crossover between dinosaur comics, scary go round, and death to the extremist!

the topatomobile: troy babbs has not only achieved the best license plate ever, but gone and covered his van with all these sweet stickers! more pictures here and here and here. every sticker i ever made is there, i think!

t-rex reading the paper, by dave bort!

t-rex enjoying his morning, by dave bort!

awesome canadian coinage by justin pierce!

jason's dorm room seems a little salacious

Seth D writes: "My friends and I had an end-of-summer bonfire a little ways back. To locate each other on this wide stretch of beach, I created a T-Rex flag. It united and inspired us all." More pretty pictures here (a closeup) and here (featuring dudes and chicks)!

allene and t-rex, by allene!

gratuitous use of exclaimation points, by sarah bader!

off the hook, by dave bort!

3D utahraptor, by daniel wilkes! see more crazy utahraptor pictures by daniel here and here and here. also: you smoke?! since when?

t-rex, by jamie burnside!

teenage t-rex, utahraptor, and dromiceiomimus, by jamie burnside!


Marie Arnold made all these classy icons! They are good for things like "Live Journal" and "Blogster". I think they're pretty keen: most of them are actual dinosaur comics, compressed down to 100x100 and made all trendy-looking!

By Jassa:

By Cornfields:

By Adam:

By Erin Crouse:

MSN Icon Pack

By Steve Oates:
MSN Icon Pack

By Erika and Connor:

By Blake O'Brien:

By Ham:

By Joseph Liechty:


patrick sent in a stylish "ladies please, one at a time" design, at 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024. and josh turned the winter scene at the bottom of this page into wallpaper, again at 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024. and here's a great set of 3d renders by mr. wolf, all at 1024x768: tiny woman has really filled out, perhaps you too will get a stomping, and entropy is always increasing.

ravenswood of did this great review of dinosaur comics, in dinosaur comic form!

that's all the fan art there is so far!