Hello my name is Ryan North and this is my comic, and it is called Dinosaur Comics! I hope you think it's pretty okay!


Dinosaur Comics is a comic about talking dinosaurs! It appears online and also in print in a few newspapers! There is an RSS feed and a Livejournal feed for the comics. If you want to learn more there is always the Dinosaur Comics Wikipedia entry.

I make the comic! I am a dude living in Toronto, Canada. I do believe the ravages of puberty leave no-one unscathed. You can email me if you want, and I also have one of those internet diary things? Hey, I've got a Wikipedia entry too! I look like this:

staring into destiny

If you still have faith in the lost art of letter writing, then high fives all around! My mailing address is:
Ryan North
280 Spadina Ave.
PO Box 67601
Dundas / Spadina RPO
Toronto, Ontario, Canada!
M5T 3B8

Qwantz.com is where I put up these dinosaur comics! You can also read them at other addresses if you want, like for instance dinosaurcomics.com or exotica.ca or chewbac.ca. Qwantz.com is a pretty good address though because it is very easy to spell and remember. If you would like to donate, that is extremely classy! You can do so by directing your computer towards this attractive button:

Man comics are meant for sharing! TOTALLY GO FOR IT. You don't need permission to post the comics on your site or anything like that.

If you want to print Dinosaur Comics in your not-for-profit magazine or newspaper (most campus newspapers are like this), that too is totally fine and I'm not going to ask for money. I only ask that you drop me a line so I get to know about it and feel good, if just for one brief shining moment! If you want to print Dinosaur Comics in a for-profit paper then drop me a line.

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UPDATE: It looks like it's been fixed in Firefox 3.0.

Oh my goodness I get so much email. It's at the point now where I can't respond to it all, but I do read every one. I'm sorry! If you contact me and need a response and don't get one, feel free to poke me again.

This can be tricky! You want to be friendly, but you don't want to come on too strong. My best advice is to carefully observe others, and to relax!