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recent regrets

Thai stilt houses pulled down after Rihanna tweet
Thai stilt houses
drawing a picture of Liam Neeson and a horse taunting Freddy Mercury's ghost by riding his bicycle over his grave
drawing a picture of Liam Neeson and a horse riding their bicycles together
JENNELMUN Impacts Moon Surface, Mission Accomplished
drawing a picture of Liam Neeson and a horse braiding their penises together
reports of Liam Neeson "blasting protesters with firehose" dismissed after it was revealed he was merely ejaculating
white people who go to China to get paid to sit in office buildings and look rich to impress visiting businessmen
young child attempts to pet animal in petting zoo
Animal rights activists picket Liam Neeson's home
Foreign predators threaten bilbies
Prince George tries to grab a bilby
the death of Rubin Carter
he has been criticized by IGN for not growing up, never succeeding, and for the ambiguity about his father much like Kento, actually
vajazzling Jewel's vagina
Nader trains up, modernizes pokemon on disputed moon
he has been criticized by IGN for not growing up, never succeeding, and for the ambiguity about his father
much like Kento, actually
that Ash has been wandering around catching Pokemon for almost twenty years now, and he has never had a job or done anything other than catch Pokemon
Nader builds up, modernizes military on disputed moon
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(1) wondering if there was something in the recent comments that finally got Ryan a cease & desist letter
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top regrets

not realizing until you had wasted lots of time that when your ex said he didn't want a serious relationship, he meant it (1.0000)
lolcode (1.0000)
watching a British crime drama performed in English but set in Scandinavia in which you are taken out of the action every time the hardboiled cockney gumshoe is paid in kroner (1.0000)
drinking the water in Mexico (1.0000)
being given the cold shoulder (1.0000)
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bottom regrets

sprinking chocolate chips on your beloved's breasts as you knead them (0.0000)
telling that girl in second grade who insisted that you were "the boss of her" to show you her vagina (0.0000)
drinking champagne out of a chimp anus (0.0000)
slamming your dick in Jewel's boobs (0.0000)
slamming your dick in the car door (0.0000)
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most voted regrets

meeting Brian Peppers (12078/0.9998)
turtles (2443/0.0004)
the death of Sylvia Browne (2430/0.0000)
that you're suddenly very interested in the origin of the champagne out of a shoe trope (2335/0.5073)
breasts (1440/0.0135)
taking the hugest dump (1324/0.8725)
gangnam style (1116/0.9991)
not hooking up with Ryan (677/0.8838)
Kento (671/0.9970)
hey guys, remember Jaylala (472/0.9704)
memorising every Star Trek episode (432/0.1455)
that it took Ryan like a year to get the Regret Index back up again (418/0.7335)
not starting that final paper sooner (416/0.8509)
mixing beer and liquor (416/0.4181)
eating those nachos from the boardwalk (411/0.4579)
dating the wrong girl (404/0.5371)
ever working as a web developer (402/0.3168)
dating a much older and recently divorced man (401/0.6379)
discovering webcomics (398/0.0722)
the inevitable slope towards death (397/0.4854)
staying up Monday night to watch Heroes (396/0.5439)
not asking her out again, when she would have said yes the second time (393/0.7128)
staying in bed on a nice day (393/0.5053)
that all the other regrets were lost forever (392/0.6857)
not googling The Underfold (392/0.2568)
kissing him (389/0.2864)
changing your Facebook language to Pirate English (386/0.3544)
that last cup of coffee (385/0.3369)
reading the Twilight Saga (384/0.6364)
signing up for Twitter (384/0.1957)
eating a sandwich that was past its expiration date (383/0.4647)
myspace (382/0.8014)
dating someone you work with (379/0.4228)
staying with him even though I don't love him (379/0.8392)
that ryan had to seek advice on twitter for his Xwindows problems (378/0.5048)
saying I'd do literally anything for her (377/0.6182)
being born too late for tall ships, and too soon for space ships (375/0.8166)
painting the bedroom a color other than white or offwhite (375/0.1755)
giving that dorky, but really sweet guy a chance (375/0.1885)
Skipping the Fiance's family Easter Dinner to play xbox and go to a concert (374/0.2389)
growing up (374/0.5355)
learning to play the xylophone (374/0.0543)
missing Efterklang at the Dublin Docklands (373/0.2400)
caring what other people thought (372/0.8063)
saying yes to a long distance relationship that was doomed from the start (370/0.7311)
not studying (369/0.7335)
pushing my way to the front, when they keep the good stuff 'till last (369/0.6593)
milk (369/0.1935)
being sucked into the teenage world of alcohol when I had much less problems when I was alcohol free (368/0.3453)
push (367/0.3689)
discovering fourchan (367/0.5274)
Graduating college with a useless major (367/0.4734)
not leaving her before she became completely dependant upon me (365/0.7829)
going to law school (364/0.5217)
dropping your iPod Touch and saying "Damn, that was an expensive iPod touch" (363/0.5897)
dating a close friend (363/0.3761)
skipping work because the computers have Facebook blocked (362/0.3678)
dropping out of college (362/0.5075)
playing World of Warcraft (359/0.5593)
giving up eating mammals (358/0.2460)
taking a creative writing course online (358/0.4211)
saying "I don't know, I kind of like Katy Perry" (357/0.5420)
going vegan (356/0.3816)
sleeping with the boss' girlfriend (354/0.3571)
rating regrets instead of working (353/0.4459)
that this thing doesn't cycle through all of the regrets when you're on a voting roll and you keep voting on the same ones over and over again (353/0.9045)
mayonnaise (352/0.4892)
late night text messages (352/0.3827)
telling the boss what you really thought of him (351/0.3883)
nothing (350/0.2397)
joining the military (349/0.9623)
opening new cider (348/0.1031)
eating that piece of candy you found at the bottom of your purse or in your pocket (348/0.3190)
going to a track meet (347/0.3562)
signing up for World of Warcraft (347/0.6783)
not making a killing selling your Wii on eBay when you had the chance (347/0.5106)
Stephen Fry not saying hello to you on Twitter because he's swamped with other people (346/0.5082)
waking up this morning (346/0.2932)
having sex with that influenzad pig in Mexico starting this whole Swine Flu thing (345/0.6190)
telling you the truth (344/0.3071)
subscribing to an actual, paper, newspaper (342/0.3641)
getting back together with him or her (342/0.5893)
making friends with the girls I should've had sexy times with (341/0.6423)
getting married too young & to a complete loser (340/0.6786)
saving money instead of traveling (340/0.4716)
overdressing (339/0.4826)
hardly revising for my Spanish Oral, but I regret bothering with it at all even more (336/0.7200)
drinking another beer (336/0.4093)
never skydiving (336/0.5057)
getting drunk alone, then leaving ten minutes before my friends showed up (334/0.7544)
buying a Playstation III (334/0.5091)
letting that guy get away with cheating just because you didn't like his girlfriend very much (333/0.5263)
buying a chocolate bar without checking the label first, only to find it had peanuts in it (333/0.2320)
not checking the toilet seat first (333/0.8690)
sexy times with a friend (333/0.2547)
spelling "dependent" incorrectly (332/0.6695)
drawing a webcomic (332/0.1947)
eating the whole bag of cookies even though you're not hungry (332/0.6851)
alienating so many of my relationships that I am actually looking forward to leaving my friends behind when I leave school (331/0.5269)
not pulling out (331/0.4609)
Saying yes to him when he asked you a second time (330/0.5470)
using incorrect grammar or spelling in your regret listing (329/0.7453)
not meeting that famous person before they die (329/0.6322)
buying a Mac (329/0.2027)
the internet (328/0.2268)
reading that "Family Circus" strip (326/0.7643)
not backing up my data (326/0.8897)
flash games (326/0.3596)
visiting this website (325/0.1656)
not applying to more grad schools (325/0.4750)
choosing perl as my language of specialization (324/0.5789)
going to grad school (324/0.4675)
everything after the age of eleven (323/0.2990)
the thirteenth shot (323/0.6891)
dating someone much younger (322/0.2500)
sitting in classychat all day and getting no work done (321/0.6061)
failing your exams (321/0.7976)
losing your virginity to the wrong person (321/0.3716)
your last fast food dinner (321/0.4295)
Grad school (319/0.2190)
spending so much time on the regret index (318/0.4225)
falling in love with two people and then having to choose (318/0.7847)
regrets (317/0.7168)
eating too much at Thanksgiving (316/0.2810)
ever signing up for this class (315/0.7073)
Standing up for a wedding you want to fail (313/0.5500)
not kissing her (313/0.6553)
quitting and going back to World of Warcraft EIGHT TIMES (312/0.6615)
coming out of the closet so late (312/0.6970)
putting academics before your social life (311/0.4106)
cheating on a girl you only later realize was The One (310/0.6977)
kissing that boy in Ithaca (310/0.2600)
shaving your privates (310/0.3946)
not going to the gym (308/0.6679)
that recent regrets are the only ones you can click on to say if you regret it or not whereas the top, bottom and most voted sections take you to the results MAYBE I REGRET ONE OF THOSE REGRETS TOO (307/0.8291)
reading For Better or For Worse every day for years (307/0.6309)
not believing her when she said "I'm a worse person than you are" (307/0.7143)
watching Heroes till the bitter end (307/0.6024)
packing light (306/0.3143)
pulling an all nighter (306/0.3407)
assuming my good friend was "just being really friendly" with my girlfriend (304/0.7383)
being too drunk to notice a fractured limb (304/0.6604)
repressing memories to avoid wincing all the time (304/0.3333)
horribly overreacting to your crush finding a personfriend (303/0.7333)
experimenting with new and interesting sandwich fillings (303/0.2044)
trying that exotic food (302/0.1513)
spending to much time on the internet (301/0.6526)
saying "nucular" when you meant nuclear (301/0.7589)
staying in college (300/0.0840)
watching Spanking the Monkey (299/0.5870)
lying when I said "I love you" back (299/0.7959)
not being a dinosaur (299/0.7834)
flirting with somebody other than your significant other (299/0.2754)
going slightly out of your way to step on that crunchy looking leaf (299/0.0433)
saying "yes" (298/0.4358)
telling everyone Finding Nemo is your favorite film (298/0.3039)
underdressing (298/0.5111)
boning a zombie (297/0.4819)
devoting your life to her so she could break off all contact with you (297/0.8269)
continuing to sleep with a guy who'd already called you ugly (297/0.7719)
only that you have but one life to give for your country (296/0.2340)
moving on to that new relationship before you were over the last one (295/0.5500)
dying (295/0.5733)
sleeping in and being late (292/0.6171)
choosing Computer Science as a major (291/0.4051)
not saying at least "hello" (289/0.8959)
having a second helping (289/0.3127)
not going to see the Fleet Foxes in a small club when you had the chance (288/0.4725)
missing that concert (288/0.7880)
line dancing while drunk (288/0.2340)
cooking hamburgers on my engine block (288/0.2545)
drinking delicious lemonade (288/0.0887)
that i used my mom's dildo (287/0.5517)
asking them out (286/0.2770)
getting a new laptop only to realize it doesn't have Firewire (285/0.4563)
watching TV DVDs instead of going to bed only because the people are really good looking (285/0.4765)
going to your drinking party for work (285/0.4048)
getting into firefly (285/0.1126)
using the last of the milk (283/0.3600)
accidentally inviting people to have a threesome in your car and then having to excuse yourself (282/0.6875)
going to graduate school (282/0.2529)
giving away my last beer (281/0.4491)
deciding you are too cool to go to the prom (281/0.2867)
not just taking the easy way out for a freakin' change (280/0.5887)
eating the tempura even after your asian friend sent his back because it looked bad (279/0.7097)
boners (279/0.1156)
crying when I shoulda played it cool (278/0.7512)
not backing up the laptop's harddrive sooner (278/0.8255)
watching an episode of your favorite childhood cartoon as an adult (278/0.3541)
risking going for a poop despite the small amount of toilet paper and then running out before youre done (277/0.8883)
Biting fingernails (277/0.5600)
procrastinating (277/0.8092)
getting a liberal arts education (277/0.2500)
putting very smelly lotion on your hands (277/0.7793)
learning all the elements in the periodic table in order (276/0.2328)
playing videogames instead of revising for exams (275/0.6137)
commenting on the current regret, only to realize you accidentally commented on the previous regret (275/0.7167)
trying to get her to break up with you (274/0.4421)
not telling everyone about the regret index (274/0.6244)
defending the bullied kid (273/0.0718)
choosing Turtle Tamer over Disco Bandit (273/0.5283)
falling in love (273/0.2400)
being scared of my feelings (272/0.7389)
looking for sunglasses on your head (272/0.5241)
selling my NES (271/0.7009)
Zuda (269/0.5641)
going through a Bob Marley phase in college, like EVERYONE else (267/0.2424)
not buying gas until the last minute and then discovering prices have gone up (267/0.8024)
staying because you were feeling really tired (264/0.4566)
being harsh in letting down an admirer (264/0.6705)
dinosaurs (264/0.0466)
saying the word "hottie" (263/0.4660)
following Stephen Fry on Twitter (263/0.2192)
not giving David Gwilliam kisses before he got married (262/0.2394)
losing the vitality of youth (262/0.8355)
forgetting to take the money dispensed out of the cash machine (261/0.9429)
regret index greatest tits, Kento (261/0.0077)
staying together (260/0.4302)
not finding more time to read (260/0.8681)
Dance Dance Revolution (259/0.3842)
watching that film (257/0.4887)
not telling the truth in the fist place (256/0.8524)
moving to another city where you don't know anyone to take a job you aren't sure about (256/0.3444)
procreating (255/0.3725)
cheating on them (255/0.5890)
not memorising every Star Trek episode (254/0.2705)
leaving (253/0.3021)
physically assaulting that guy who can't even bother to tune in the easy listening station properly in his cubicle (253/0.1538)
obama (252/0.1348)
studying linguistics (252/0.2233)
lying (251/0.5792)
getting really drunk and telling your parents you kind of like the same sex (251/0.3784)
not being able to finish anything you've ever started (250/0.9231)
passing yourself off as royalty (250/0.1500)
deleting old google calendars before figuring out how to combine them into another google calendar (249/0.5789)
kissing (249/0.1116)
missing that apostrophe (249/0.7647)
rhyming "girl" with "world" (249/0.6034)
eating that last cookie (249/0.2684)
being a fatty (249/0.7083)
having meaningless crushes based only on your own emptiness and not on how smokin' the crush is (248/0.7000)
getting addicted to The Sims (248/0.5537)
trying out fisting with your room mate freshman year when you both drank a few too many wine coolers (247/0.7073)
accidently pouring balsamic vinegar on my salad when all I wanted was olive oil (247/0.5344)
getting drunk at a wedding (246/0.1518)
reading a webcomic's entire archive in lieu of doing actual work (246/0.3810)
thinking you'd get that internship without trying (245/0.7593)
calling your webcomic "Awkward Fumbles" (245/0.4651)
messing up in court (244/0.7250)
running away with the circus (244/0.2833)
eating the whole thing (244/0.5487)
eating a candy bar instead of a real dinner (243/0.5446)
not actually knowing what a "Dear John" letter is (242/0.4356)
marrying the hot, nice one but still thinking about the not as hot, cool one (241/0.6389)
using the first person singular pronoun instead of the second person singular pronoun in your regret listing (240/0.7386)
deciding to get qualified as a high school teacher (240/0.3667)
not telling the truth in the first place (240/0.8512)
drunken emailing (240/0.5313)
popping wheelies with the boys (240/0.0918)
fry (239/0.1842)
kicking yourself in the crotch to prove it's physically possible (239/0.6102)
living a life dictated by your phobias instead of your desires (239/0.8758)
getting a little too drunk at that party (238/0.5938)
buying a motorcycle (238/0.2121)
pulling an all nighter to get work done and spending the whole night watching youtube videos instead (238/0.8511)
eating at McDonalds (238/0.7137)
not doing that thing that all your friends did that one time (237/0.6453)
laughing along, and not telling them what you really believe (236/0.8436)
what could have been (236/0.7734)
saying no (236/0.5093)
not giving him or her your number (235/0.7000)
failing (235/0.7079)
buying a Dinosaur Comics tshirt (235/0.0862)
Eating that second doughnut (234/0.3807)
putting that video up on youtube (234/0.3469)
knowing he was gay and still dating him (234/0.4390)
never reading dinosaur comics in your life (234/0.5797)
getting (233/0.2768)
not getting a masters degree (233/0.4944)
eloping with a guy that turns out to be a werewolf (233/0.6197)
going to the gym (233/0.1472)
taking out loans for a masters degree (232/0.4074)
using your real name (231/0.4631)
not saying "I love you" (231/0.5714)
angry words put in writing (231/0.5663)
giving that bum some money (231/0.2947)
telling the truth (230/0.3238)
trying to get on a polyphasic sleep schedule (230/0.5556)
leaving college too quickly (230/0.5941)
answering that "Dear John" letter (229/0.4894)
not talking to her when her dogs came up to sniff you (229/0.7083)
spending the summer holidays in your bedroom, alone (229/0.6436)
seeing Crank II (228/0.3438)
not playing sports in high school (228/0.3073)
having to travel overseas to get dumped in person instead of receiving a Dear John letter (228/0.8000)
islam (228/0.3361)
cheating (228/0.5185)
saying yes (227/0.4368)
going back for seconds on dessert (227/0.2512)
coming to work this week even though it's pointless and you have nothing to do but think about your regrets (227/0.6444)
watching vantage point (226/0.5833)
spending an hour commenting on these things (226/0.4902)
not telling her how you feel when you had the chance (226/0.8354)
studying Engineering, those gyroscopes and their rotating reference frames (226/0.3429)
rereading all the harry potter books (226/0.2403)
thinking I'd find a better job (225/0.3704)
not going out (225/0.7130)
not learning how to drive stick (225/0.6846)
breaking up with my first love (225/0.2482)
not kissing more in high school (225/0.6887)
adding a new regret for which you were trying to search (224/0.4429)
mismatching (224/0.3472)
rubbing spider eggs into your eyes (224/0.8312)
spending hours, possibly days, watching everything your current celebrity crush is in (223/0.3617)
watching Borat (223/0.2574)
not saying hello to someone (223/0.8479)
concerning yourself with regrets (223/0.6995)
losing two portable music devices in less than two months (222/0.8696)
not just taking what you can get, even if it isn't really love (222/0.3469)
spending so much time watching Adam Sandler movies (222/0.6267)
not kissing that person you really liked when you had the chance before they became a world famous popstar who is now totally beyond your reach (222/0.8526)
earning a PhD instead of an MD (221/0.1935)
pooping on a dog (221/0.2941)
trying those ultra spicy wings (220/0.3245)
filling out the comment form and comment field (220/0.3175)
staying up too late (220/0.5545)
Not assuming I was hot enough to get booty (220/0.8071)
not breaking up with her before she broke up with me (219/0.6500)
getting plastic surgery (219/0.4231)
using hint coins on that puzzle you knew the answer to (219/0.8000)
never doing anything worth regretting (218/0.5954)
watching mama mia (218/0.6234)
getting into "Lost" (218/0.4054)
not being in the play (218/0.4765)
fucking her up for life (218/0.7089)
sleeping with my married friend (218/0.4516)
eating tofu (218/0.2514)
wasting all my free time playing MMORPGs that I will ultimately get bored of anyway WHY AREN'T I PRACTICING THE VOILIN INSTEAD (217/0.7368)
being a jerk to someone who was just doing their job (217/0.8284)
saying "I love you" (217/0.3143)
not brushing my teeth when I was younger (216/0.7805)
getting it pierced (216/0.2941)
things your ancestors did to another people (216/0.4324)
sleeping around (216/0.3077)
forgetting (215/0.8462)
answering a question without thinking about it first (215/0.8600)
the loss of all the regrets from the old incarnation of the index (215/0.7551)
daylight saving time (215/0.5431)
rudely correcting someone's grammar (215/0.4740)
not working on my homework (214/0.7157)
not becoming an astronaut (214/0.4468)
assuming it was obvious (213/0.8984)
not finding out if the attractive guy is gay or not (213/0.5510)
looking at porn at work on your boss's computer (213/0.3333)
living abroad (213/0.1477)
bringing all the boys to the yard with your milkshake (213/0.3093)
starting smoking (213/0.5172)
buying a giant bag of haribo and caramel shortcakes and eating nearly all of them in one sitting (212/0.4750)
reading typos in regret listings (212/0.7208)
assuming that she would change for me (212/0.8529)
being a stripper (212/0.3913)
saying 'boners ahoy' (212/0.1000)
realizing that you're living in the Matrix (211/0.4417)
proposing (211/0.3833)
marrying him despite my parents advice (210/0.4286)
the metric system (210/0.1837)
the final episode of the Battlestar Galactica reimagining (209/0.3800)
staying with her even though you weren't attracted to her (209/0.6813)
getting drunk instead of studying for that exam (209/0.5047)
not sleeping with you when I had the chance (209/0.7087)
regret (209/0.6102)
getting caught (209/0.7290)
not standing up for yourself (209/0.9135)
having sex with that totally crazy person (209/0.4118)
strangling a baby penguin (209/0.6250)
waiting too long before i told my parents off (208/0.5631)
not writing that paper (208/0.7386)
farting in class (208/0.5439)
believing it's not butter (208/0.4406)
not telling your grandfather you loved him before he died (208/0.8202)
never making an appointment with that therapist (208/0.5036)
not going to the bathroom before you left the house (207/0.9175)
bacon (207/0.1753)
ordering a spiciness level of hot instead of medium the first time you go to a restaurant (207/0.5704)
your failure to include a "that's not something I can regret because it did not involve me" button (207/0.5657)
letting them go (206/0.4497)
not going zorbing when I had the chance (206/0.6875)
hooking up for sex on Craigslist (206/0.6250)
not asking her out, even though you know she'd say yes (205/0.8492)
adding a stupid meta regret that everyone else will have to click "haven't done it yet" for if they want to answer truthfully (205/0.6154)
almost sleeping with her (205/0.4536)
wearing hipster glasses (205/0.2360)
getting another girl pregnant when your girlfriend's dad just died (204/0.7895)
having a kid (203/0.3611)
not cleaning the bathroom before your mother comes for a visit (202/0.7016)
changing your mind (201/0.4333)
farting in the elevator (201/0.3497)
having one or more children (201/0.4286)
talking to strangers (201/0.1311)
Not defending the bullied kid (201/0.7871)
the time and energy you devoted to Star Wars now that we know it was poorly planned hack work (201/0.4773)
smoking pot (201/0.2421)
staying in that dead end job because it required less work than following your dream (200/0.8901)
getting HIV from unprotected sex (200/0.8333)
having a crush on the Utahraptor (199/0.1786)
not telling your best friend that he or she embarasses you (199/0.4127)
all those wasted days, weeks, months, years you could have been doing something, ANYTHING (198/0.8287)
starting over (198/0.1079)
skipping class that one day they told us the final exam date had been changed (197/0.8000)
staying in college too long (197/0.3113)
not telling them you are not really their friend (197/0.4853)
being honest (197/0.2818)
out of scale car (196/0.6404)
punching your mom (196/0.5306)
not staying in and watching Firefly (196/0.5038)
not living in a time with more adorable baby mammoths (196/0.7588)
having a friend with benefits (196/0.3000)
using flesh for digestive energy (195/0.2411)
log cabin (195/0.2340)
dessert (195/0.1630)
buying that motorcycle (194/0.3429)
your gay experience (194/0.2817)
realizing too late he or she wasn't just being friendly, that it was flirting (194/0.9379)
them school days (194/0.3820)
quitting your office job to work freelance (194/0.5625)
joining community theater (193/0.2727)
The Middleman being cancelled (193/0.1538)
not switching to Geico (193/0.1727)
never having met joey comeau (193/0.6806)
kicking it old school (192/0.0813)
not being honest (192/0.7348)
fun times involving sushi (192/0.0959)
passing up the opportunity for sex with an attractive girl because you already had a girlfriend (192/0.4526)
having too much pride (191/0.5443)
thanksgiving (191/0.2086)
not listening to your own heart and aborting that child (191/0.4857)
having a child (191/0.3438)
your First Time (191/0.2698)
being noncommital to vegetarianism or veganism (191/0.3182)
Sex with sibling (191/0.6800)
Having sex with that guy in the bathroom (190/0.4286)
getting talked into going to your safety school because the college you wanted to go to was too expensive (190/0.6140)
falling asleep while cooking with the stove (190/0.8667)
farting on the first date (189/0.4375)
staying with someone longer than you should have (189/0.7910)
planning a complex meal instead of drivnig through the burrito stand (189/0.3741)
shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die (189/0.2128)
saying no to writing someone else's essay for two hundred dollars out of stupid pride (189/0.5065)
being British (189/0.1698)
using the word retarded (189/0.5314)
adding this to StumbleUpon (188/0.2381)
having a fake smile and knowing it (188/0.5705)
letting Ilsa get on that plane with Victor (188/0.5439)
accepting a lower paying but much less stressfull job (188/0.1413)
kicking my little brother in the junk when we were kids (187/0.3483)
word CAPTCHA fields (187/0.6364)
not being Kento (187/0.0000)
dumping her for her best friend (186/0.5610)
waiting too long to let go of your feelings (186/0.8667)
having that plastic surgery (186/0.6087)
friggin' monotheism (185/0.5800)
having that last tequila (185/0.5238)
buying food for homeless people (185/0.1760)
taking AP classes (185/0.1349)
Going to the wrong college just to stay with a significant other (184/0.7368)
staying with an abusive boyfriend (184/0.8837)
yelling at someone who didn't deserve it (184/0.9419)
having sex with zak (184/0.7083)
helping him cheat on all his girlfriends in the past three years (184/0.5143)
defending cream soda (184/0.0982)
eating kfc (184/0.5350)
saying, "boners ahoy!" (184/0.0787)
never meeintg him (183/0.4091)
accepting candy from strangers (183/0.1204)
loving lamp (183/0.1771)
responding with Sassy Molassy (183/0.2658)
wearing the same socks for more than a day (183/0.3506)
eating way more of the pie than you initally planned (183/0.5633)
accepting the job doing technical work for a political campaign (182/0.5333)
drinking the questionable milk (182/0.6615)
your excessively tight pants (182/0.6045)
putting your social life before your academics (182/0.4531)
lack of specificity (182/0.7534)
not doing more drugs (182/0.4103)
Working with IT Recruiters (181/0.6905)
your lack of personality (181/0.5481)
having that threesome (181/0.2766)
falling in love with her, even though you knew it was wrong (180/0.6146)
having cybersex with my married exboyfriend (180/0.6000)
valuing money over leisure time (180/0.6224)
perpetuating internet memes (180/0.3750)
crying over spilt milk (179/0.5521)
failing to see the signs (179/0.8794)
Michael Bay (179/0.7172)
the fall of the Achaemenid Persian Empire (179/0.4836)
playing trading card game, be it Pokemon, Magic, Yugioh, etc (178/0.3178)
the Dromiceiomimus' improbable colouring (178/0.2105)
the thing no one knows about (177/0.7292)
staying with the douche because you were too lazy to get out (177/0.8679)
dating heather (177/0.3784)
not hanging out with college friends as much as I should (177/0.8148)
skipping meals for no good reason (177/0.5033)
dowloading that song (177/0.1835)
taking out your anger on everyone but the person who caused it (177/0.9385)
buzzing New York City in Air Force One (177/0.5965)
playing it loud (177/0.0704)
the Twilight books (176/0.8762)
getting a myspace account (176/0.6126)
going to that tequila party (176/0.3580)
waking up in the gutter (176/0.3966)
being afraid of Americans (176/0.1842)
cooking yourself a lavish meal and not sharing it with anyone (175/0.2695)
being alone (175/0.4968)
having bonitus (175/0.7593)
Taking chemistry at Reed instead of somewhere else over the Summer (175/0.5714)
watching House (175/0.2746)
asking someone out even though you're pretty sure the crush is unrequited (175/0.4952)
peeing in that closet (174/0.6000)
pulling your hair out (174/0.5106)
not telling her you loved her before she moved away (174/0.7595)
taking the earlier flight home when you could have spent another day or two at the beach (173/0.7222)
making out with an ex (173/0.4868)
not talking to strangers (173/0.7089)
asking her out (173/0.2368)
spending too much money on something you don't really need (173/0.8217)
saying you hated english people to an english person (173/0.3830)
not waxing your eyebrows in high school (173/0.1690)
taking beloved pets to an animal shelter after being evicted (173/0.8333)
wasting ten years in a spiraling morass of unrequited love (173/0.8370)
breaking the law (172/0.1460)
getting the same questions over and over again on this here Regret Index (172/0.7864)
having faith that the cake wasn't a lie (172/0.5446)
quitting that deadbeat job with decent money because you were unhappy (172/0.2987)
Being born (172/0.1543)
telling people you listen to indie music (171/0.2963)
having a one night stand (171/0.3662)
ceasing communication with the guy who loved me because I was afraid (171/0.7358)
playing in traffic (171/0.1712)
having sex with your boss' underage daughter (171/0.2500)
painting your fingernails black (170/0.2593)
not calling your mother every week (170/0.4234)
not going to prom (170/0.2088)
getting obsessed with your best friend (170/0.5208)
telling a joke you hadn't thought all the way through (170/0.8963)
looking ahead instead of living in the moment (169/0.5957)
working at your job (169/0.3381)
being so drunk that your dog ate your face wooooo (169/0.4667)
being American (169/0.2160)
coming to the realization that you are not Tyler Durden (169/0.4176)
leaving a DVD out, such that it gets dusty (169/0.7985)
letting your hobby become "work" (169/0.5119)
giving up (169/0.7415)
not getting that surgery (168/0.3333)
spending money on something you don't need then having no money for food (168/0.8165)
dying in the gutter (168/0.5581)
ignoring other people's feelings (168/0.7468)
bringing up your distaste for Disney music (168/0.1711)
not admitting you're a transvestite (168/0.4878)
Bush (168/0.7761)
drinking a cold beer in the shower (167/0.0909)
continuing to wear gloves that got wet in the snow (167/0.7744)
breaking bones while snowboarding (167/0.1538)
getting that chinese food for lunch (167/0.3969)
correcting your friends everytime they misspell Dromiceiomimus (166/0.2000)
using a symbol and being asked to retype your regret (166/0.6471)
intentionally spreading Swine Flu (166/0.2923)
watching movies where the audio and video are out of sync (165/0.8497)
having only one nightstand (165/0.3981)
spending so much time jerking off (165/0.4000)
following that white rabbit (165/0.1111)
not going to music school and studying enginnering instead (165/0.3750)
being an English major (165/0.3208)
not telling her you love her (165/0.7423)
not fooling around more often (165/0.6781)
not having met ryan north (165/0.8601)
hanging out with strangers on public transit (164/0.2903)
telling your mother you don't want to have children (164/0.1923)
not telling off that annoying coworker right after you got laid off (164/0.7067)
attending this CSHP meeting (164/0.5333)
eating seasoned fries someone else abandoned on a table (164/0.4000)
the "hey guys, remember Jaylala" regret being on the top regrets list (164/0.9793)
drinking whiskey for breakfast (163/0.4394)
LOLcats (163/0.4000)
twilight (163/0.6847)
believing your parents when they said they'd take you to disneyworld (162/0.4805)
sharing warm spiced cider with a loved one (162/0.0800)
clicking that enticing link (162/0.5556)
waiting for true love (162/0.3504)
playing videogames while drunk (162/0.0962)
buying a Wii (162/0.2381)
answering a stupid question with something ever more stupid (162/0.5682)
wasting ten hours every day occupying myself with SQL queries (162/0.6316)
taking the red pill (162/0.2838)
losing your religion (162/0.1930)
abandoning your dreams in favor of stability (162/0.7222)
reinstalling windows (162/0.3853)
starting to read a webcomic's archive and then staying up all night to read them all (162/0.3987)
just lying there, not making the next move, when he slipped his arm around me (161/0.7344)
wasting your time web surfing (161/0.7170)
going out with that guy when you were pretty sure you liked his friend more (160/0.7778)
going to that party (160/0.2985)
smoking weed (160/0.1154)
to much caffiene (159/0.4622)
the British Empire (159/0.4692)
not saying "i love you" back (159/0.5057)
not really understanding macroeconomics (159/0.5224)
moving to canada (158/0.3514)
the paradox of thrift (158/0.5116)
making a careless spelling mistake on the Internet (158/0.7303)
putting these dumb questions on here (158/0.2716)
publicly mocking Swine Flu (158/0.0970)
playing Starfox Sixty Four (158/0.1548)
not coming out (157/0.4333)
insulting the least likeable tenants in your apartment complex while they were in earshot (157/0.5789)
skipping that song on your ipod (157/0.3657)
moving back into your parents' house (157/0.7037)
not saying hi to a cool stranger (157/0.7376)
thinking a guy was cool before you found out he was a sex offender (157/0.7321)
that your princess is in another castle (157/0.7698)
getting back together with her (157/0.7419)
leaving the cake out in the rain (156/0.8000)
choosing security over adventure (156/0.6899)
choosing adventure over security (156/0.1818)
trying to give a girl a piggyback while drunk (156/0.3077)
trying to care when no one else does (156/0.4044)
sending that email (156/0.4803)
not having that threesome (156/0.5833)
laughing at something that shouldn't be funny, only it is and now they feel like you're a horrible person (155/0.5797)
not starting that savings account sooner (155/0.7838)
not taking care of your health (155/0.7914)
picking at a wound so much that it becomes a scar (154/0.6066)
hooking up with ryan (154/0.2037)
becoming a middle school teacher (154/0.6667)
ignoring your exgirlfriend when she IMs you and just wants to talk (154/0.3684)
taking that acid (154/0.4615)
not keeping in touch with old friends (153/0.8014)
winning the "Penis!" game (153/0.3968)
answering so many questions with "haven't done it yet" (153/0.5652)
spending hours playing guitar hero (152/0.3659)
retiting early (152/0.4400)
losing your virginity to someone you didn't care all that much for (152/0.4737)
retiring early (151/0.2353)
not buying a bubble hockey table (151/0.5341)
being mean to the neighbor's rude kid (151/0.2000)
failing to let go of romantic relationships until there is no possibility of a future (151/0.8140)
putting off doing your laundry (151/0.7059)
having twitter send your updates to your mobile (151/0.7407)
writing a novel (151/0.2632)
finding yet another way to rehash past mistakes (150/0.8607)
adopting religion to get a girl (150/0.6129)
ap classes (150/0.1429)
putting your academics before your social life (150/0.4375)
figuring out that Ryan is a Linux user (150/0.3182)
not going to music school and studying engineering instead (149/0.4286)
buying one of each in EVERY COLOUR (149/0.2500)
not trying to get taken from the waitlist (149/0.3571)
leading someone on to make yourself feel wanted and then breaking their heart (149/0.8026)
what you did in high school (149/0.5357)
submitting a phallocentric regret (149/0.4250)
your superiority complex (148/0.3545)
working fewer hours (148/0.3364)
turning down a potential date who was only moderately attractive (148/0.5696)
losing that irreplacable item (148/0.8644)
not getting a marketable degree (148/0.5679)
getting a twitter account (148/0.4355)
being on that game show (147/0.5000)
some of the things I say to my kids when I'm pissed off (147/0.7045)
vegan (147/0.4769)
Sleeping with a coworker while taking a break from seeing someone else (147/0.4615)
being so trusting and eager to please (147/0.6333)
zipping your fly a little too hastily (146/0.7051)
thinking you could change the past (146/0.6667)
not keeping your promises (146/0.8385)
not leaving him before he became a judgemental prick (146/0.8636)
looking for a job on craigslist, only to get an inbox full of spam (146/0.8182)
going to see her when she asked me not to (146/0.5208)
saying no to that threesome (146/0.4737)
hearing what you want to hear instead of what was really said (146/0.8480)
moving to winnipeg (146/0.6667)
the eighties (146/0.3784)
that all you base are belong to us (146/0.4483)
stealing the enterprise (146/0.2241)
talking shit about people (146/0.6061)
getting into that pointless internet argument (146/0.6186)
believing that the world would become ultra futuristic like in snow crash or the fifth element only to be disappointed (145/0.6437)
keeping it real (145/0.1557)
unpacking my adjectives (145/0.2414)
joining glee club (145/0.4828)
missing the NBA playoffs to watch the new episode of 'Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern' (145/0.2069)
saying nothing was wrong when you were leaving (145/0.7789)
going to an Ivy League school (145/0.2400)
skipping work to sit in the sun (145/0.1212)
Ryan Seacrest (145/0.7944)
not flushing the toilet (145/0.6810)
staying in relationships even after finding out the truth (145/0.8696)
kissing that boy with the mohawk (145/0.3846)
doing it one too many times (144/0.4900)
making a costly mistake (144/0.8860)
not admitting you liked that person when their friend asked if you did (144/0.7642)
LindaLindaLinda (144/0.4333)
not having sex that one time when you probably could have (144/0.7182)
becoming vegetarian or vegan (143/0.2222)
being a jerk to the consultant (143/0.4906)
hurting the only person who loved you because you were afraid of getting too close (143/0.8824)
Rediscovering the regret index when you have work to do (143/0.6500)
taking just one more bite (143/0.5109)
spending too much time on the Internet (143/0.7445)
butts (142/0.0991)
not living in Corvallis, Oregon (141/0.1759)
punching that baby, despite it's rude behavior (141/0.2174)
selling all my old video games to buy a couple new video games (141/0.7284)
not telling the one you love how you feel (141/0.7742)
watching 'The Dark Knight' (141/0.1667)
not understanding how or when "you", "your", and "you're" are used (141/0.5000)
not playing an instrument (141/0.7419)
sexting (141/0.3137)
giving that guy my number (140/0.5294)
going to IHOP before riding copilot for some aerial acrobat maneuvers (140/0.7407)
selling old video game consoles at a fraction of the price (140/0.6933)
eating deodorant (140/0.7059)
seeing any movie starring Nicolas Cage (140/0.5328)
trying to get a job making video games (140/0.4375)
sleeping with your best friend (140/0.2931)
wasting my time off work adding regrets to this database (140/0.4545)
reading the regret index (139/0.1613)
being on facebook (138/0.4017)
not preparing for finals (138/0.6800)
not doing more sexy things to my late husband in the few years we had (138/0.6176)
not asking her out before she left (138/0.7857)
an out of scale car (138/0.5753)
saying no just to be contrary (137/0.3852)
that where we're going we don't need roads (137/0.1748)
developing a friendship with a certain someone (137/0.4188)
ryan north (137/0.1143)
not doing the thing you deliberately said you would (137/0.8673)
saying something stupid in an attempt to impress a hero with your wit and whimsy (136/0.9375)
Not learning a foreign language sooner (136/0.8387)
pretending you're a woman to get into nursing school (136/0.1379)
That I did not kiss her, then I did not kiss her, then I did not kiss her, then learned she nevered wanted me to anyway (136/0.6970)
believing that large quantities of alcohol would make you more confident (136/0.5802)
being boy crazy (136/0.4902)
telling Kevin Barnes that the plural of "ninja" is "ninja" (135/0.3556)
buying into the whole Millennium Bug hype (135/0.4844)
getting married too young (135/0.6316)
watching that awful movie (135/0.6299)
being awesome (135/0.0410)
accidentally being a total racist to that kid in elementary school (135/0.8286)
seeing two girls one cup (135/0.5263)
applying too much sample perfume (134/0.6563)
from stretching your ears (134/0.4595)
singing karaoke (134/0.3434)
loosing a third of your life to sleep (134/0.4841)
my frenemy getting picked to be in this club I knew about first, and me NOT getting picked (134/0.7143)
attending an unnecessary meeting (133/0.8440)
putting off this paper (133/0.7727)
showing the family your "abstract" art piece that, now that you look at it, looks like ovaries (133/0.6000)
learning lisp (133/0.2619)
spending an entire day listening to the same song on repeat (133/0.2348)
growing long hair (133/0.1453)
running with scissors (132/0.1978)
eating too much pork fu (132/0.4222)
not knowing a dead language (132/0.5351)
not checking your bank account balance first (131/0.7624)
not seeing Nicolas Cage after seeing Face Off (131/0.1750)
getting hooked on Harry Potter or Twilight (131/0.2375)
finding out what goatse was (131/0.6600)
entering a relationship with a geographically distant internet friend (131/0.5493)
letting your ex have your Dreamcast (130/0.8684)
not letting someone trust you (130/0.7123)
jumping in that lake (130/0.1932)
regretting things (130/0.6087)
a log cabin (130/0.1644)
making a character on FurryMUCK (130/0.6667)
getting caught ogling (130/0.5000)
playing the sims (130/0.3263)
getting divorced (130/0.2500)
pretending to be a really hard worker (130/0.3750)
playing it too cool (129/0.7374)
buying those shoes (129/0.3214)
owning a Nickleback album (129/0.7576)
mARRIAGE (129/0.2059)
clogging the kitchen sink with rice (129/0.7867)
not being Ryan's lover (129/0.5631)
making love to your hand (129/0.1892)
being in the closet literally (129/0.4000)
voting on regrets instead of working on your paper (129/0.7053)
accidentally the whole bottle (129/0.7101)
laughing because you suddenly remembered something hilarious, then realizing strangers are looking at you (129/0.2984)
staring at Bicoid Babe's ass seriously (129/0.0310)
Sonny John Moore (128/1.0000)
not loving apple pie (128/0.3333)
not telling your parents (128/0.2788)
bursting out into evil laughter in a crowded or public place (128/0.2609)
passing up an all expenses paid trip to a house full of puppies and birthday cake (128/0.7903)
watching daredevil (128/0.7164)
not starting your correspondance course until two months before it was due (127/0.7895)
posting bad fanfiction on the internet (127/0.6136)
shaving that goat in your living room because you can't get the hairs out of the carpet (127/0.7692)
getting drunk on a Thursday afternoon instead of doing schoolwork (127/0.3553)
Voting "yes" or "no" on very broad "regrets" without enough information to determine if you regret it or not, because it's inaccurate to say you've never done it (127/0.6429)
being socially inept (127/0.7642)
spending all your free time taking cocaine and listening to Daft Punk on extremely expensive speakers (127/0.5000)
Jack Kerouac (127/0.2143)
not trying harder to get along with your roommates (126/0.4634)
crying (126/0.3190)
spending the entire day on the computer (126/0.6967)
a typo in an average tweet, that then is applied to your Facebook page (126/0.6786)
failing to notice that the sad girl you just passed was actually a damsel in distress, and you didn't help her (126/0.8765)
not showering for days at a time (126/0.5364)
buying that new gadget (125/0.3039)
accidentally sending a bitchy email to the person you were bitching about instead of a friend (125/0.8372)
not finishing grad school (125/0.4286)
hearing the song "I'm Too Sexy" (125/0.4561)
watching an entire tv series of greater than fifty episodes over the course of a week instead of working or studying (125/0.3980)
your mutton chop sideburns (125/0.3276)
mistaking tears for repudiation of the rumours involving her kissing someone else (124/0.8667)
accidentaly clicking the wrong regret index button (124/0.8140)
dyeing your hair (124/0.2545)
not using the source management system from the beginning (124/0.7576)
making out with that guy at that party (124/0.6000)
never following through with your plans for world domination (124/0.7327)
telling the truth, even though it hurt him (124/0.2875)
sending those nudes (124/0.5122)
Facebook (124/0.4655)
Bill O'Reilly (124/0.8353)
getting drunk and cheating on you, and then not trying to work it out with you because i was a coward! (124/0.6000)
tiger's belly (124/0.2222)
going to that anime convention (124/0.5135)
falling in (124/0.4795)
eating the whole bag of sour patch kids (124/0.4217)
thinking 'i'll just smoke that one cigarette' after you'd quit (124/0.8182)
going on study abroad in Scotland (124/0.4348)
Your myspace (124/0.7083)
becoming an atheist (124/0.1124)
not having kids (124/0.1286)
neing a super freak super freak (123/0.1739)
being a Cubs fan (123/0.4800)
smoking a hookah with live coals in a carpeted room (123/0.5758)
the very last thing you said (123/0.0991)
kissing that bearded man (123/0.2889)
telling a hurtful truth (123/0.4184)
not really being in any relationships yet and therefore having to choose haven't done it yet on all the relationship related regrets (123/0.6842)
not telling her sooner (122/0.7882)
Scott Temple (122/0.6000)
Fictional Jimbo Wales (122/0.1875)
moving out of your parent's house (122/0.0941)
the inescapability of fatalism (122/0.4615)
japan (122/0.3333)
google image searching lolikon (122/0.5319)
waiting (122/0.6311)
accidentally acquiring a really weird fetish you never would have known existed without the internet (122/0.6812)
constantly fearing regret (122/0.8140)
almost always using the British spellings for things, even though you are an American and your spell check always tells you it's wrong (122/0.2090)
breathing (122/0.1161)
throwing up on yourself in the bathtub (122/0.7500)
changing your cell phone number (121/0.1915)
loving you too much (121/0.3768)
never telling him how much you hate his stupid cat (121/0.4615)
Irish Evil (121/0.3043)
never loving at all (121/0.7115)
being ilegal (121/0.3514)
ever smoking that first cigarette (121/0.5600)
tasting your own semen 'just to see what it's like' (121/0.3590)
being bad at social networking (120/0.7273)
a tiny woman (120/0.2639)
moving into that apartment that was infested with bedbugs (120/0.8696)
being a stupid freak with low self esteem (120/0.7429)
buying the ripoff WKRP in Cincinnatti DVD set (120/0.6000)
telling him or her you love them, and now the friendship is all weird (120/0.6986)
bottling your emotions and not realizing that you could've cried your problems away (119/0.6000)
pulling the trigger (119/0.3333)
not asking your health insurance company how much an expensive dental procedure would cost before doing it (119/0.8667)
caring for someone who did not return the favor (119/0.5882)
not looking for another permanent position because you think you can freelance (119/0.6000)
how gender specific some of these regrets are (119/0.6239)
not putting away a small amount of money every month since I started working (118/0.9024)
that crazy night in Pheonix (118/0.2000)
Ryan not putting in a "sometimes" button (118/0.7642)
pokemon (118/0.2727)
keeping childhood abuse a secret from your family because you knew they would assume it made you gay (118/0.7368)
working for Grant (118/0.5789)
learning keyboard shortcuts too late (118/0.7816)
Being the other man (117/0.4750)
turning the phone off (117/0.3564)
eating that double quarter pounder (117/0.5111)
not wearing your plate once you had your braces off so your teeth go all wonky again (117/0.6957)
being kicked out of your religion and feeling like maybe you should get a new one, but that getting a new religion because it's a religion rather than because you agree with its ideals is kinda a bad idea (117/0.7714)
using 'me', 'my' etc in regrets rather than 'you', 'your', thus resulting in regrets that MAKE NO SENSE (117/0.8000)
pretending you didn't see that homeless guy (117/0.4722)
not making your move when you had the chance (117/0.8911)
sunburn (117/0.8091)
not studyng early enough for all three finals (117/0.7113)
gay (117/0.1452)
falling in ove (117/0.4242)
being someone's experimental phase (117/0.4464)
growing up in a nonchurchgoing family (117/0.1000)
losing your virginity when you did (117/0.2703)
not leaving work before it started bloody raining (116/0.7470)
not going to grad school in Spain (116/0.3226)
naming your child after a celebrity or celebrity's child (116/0.6818)
penis game (116/0.3125)
donating to public radio (116/0.1860)
reading Twilight (116/0.6190)
not losing your virginity (116/0.4706)
asking her to prom and her saying no (116/0.3902)
having a onesome (116/0.1735)
finding out what you can expect in the days and years to come (115/0.5294)
not geting your bone on frequently or ever (115/0.7470)
being so screwed up by the past that you never give love a chance (115/0.8971)
saving Private Ryan (115/0.5000)
rubbing my face in a tiger's belly (115/0.2889)
not pursuing a career in music (115/0.3913)
making that music video and then posting it on the internet (115/0.4839)
opening your heart (115/0.4483)
having an internet wife (115/0.4286)
sending emails using your friends emails when he or she leaves themselves logged in and are not looking (115/0.2449)
joining Facebook (115/0.3434)
Leading her on (115/0.6500)
leaving the band (115/0.4250)
putting your jeans and socks in one load (115/0.1429)
realizing it doesn't matter how smart you are if you still feel alone constantly (115/0.7386)
eating a poo (115/0.4762)
Times New Roman (115/0.3654)
not being able to work up the courage to ask a girl out for most of my life (114/0.8293)
severing a vein (114/0.7407)
not talking about it (114/0.7228)
buying Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (114/0.3929)
telling all your friends that the new Watchmen movie would be really good (114/0.5000)
Pretending to be asleep to avoid talking (114/0.1563)
checking your significant other's email accounts for nefarious emails when they're in the shower (114/0.5098)
eating solely out of boredom (114/0.7300)
spending the entire night going through the archives of that webcomic (114/0.2804)
leaving the barf for the staff to clean up (114/0.4493)
slaving away for five plus years to get a PhD, only to find that you have to teach 'tards with it (114/0.8077)
taking out your anger on yourself rather than the person who caused it (113/0.7684)
buying an expensive mobile phone (113/0.5532)
That movie The Spirit (113/0.8182)
tweed jackets with leather elbow patches (113/0.2090)
that haircut (113/0.4706)
leaving a flash drive in a public computer (113/0.8333)
failing to take hints (113/0.9109)
Nerd raging (113/0.3467)
drinking your first drink (113/0.1087)
learning new and interesting things about skin and blood (112/0.1848)
being electrocuted (112/0.6140)
eating a puppy becase it was the only thing on the deserted island (112/0.3488)
making out with friends of the same gender for fun (112/0.3019)
Answering "Nothing" when asked "What's wrong" (112/0.6827)
snapping tendons in my hand after a failed dunk attempt (112/0.6400)
listening to so much Christian pop (112/0.6977)
mixing internet slang into your normal speech (112/0.5053)
chewing on things (112/0.2762)
taking advice from random people on the internet (111/0.4167)
buying a house (111/0.5000)
your first webpage (111/0.5119)
downloading that rick astley song (111/0.3770)
sitting at the computer right now (111/0.4679)
trying something new (111/0.2330)
white type on a black background (111/0.3010)
not listening to your parents (111/0.4100)
not listening to music for the sole reason of it being popular (111/0.3647)
getting into that threesome with two other people who didn't know (111/0.8333)
the Lord of the Rings (111/0.2079)
all of the Yo Yo Ma jokes (111/0.4478)
learning so many digits of pi (111/0.2603)
llove me llong time (111/0.4792)
getting a tattoo (111/0.2222)
clicking on that link (110/0.6458)
spending so much time and money on a now failed relationship (110/0.6232)
bleaching your hair (110/0.3889)
being introduced to yaoi (110/0.4603)
moving far away from your family (110/0.3167)
obviously trying to be the thousandth regret (110/0.4000)
going to a tiny college (110/0.2941)
never writing that scholarship essay (110/0.6216)
winning (110/0.1300)
stepping on worms (110/0.6989)
the cockiness of youth (110/0.4615)
not applying to more colleges (110/0.4421)
eating a kitten just to prove you're evil (110/0.3429)
coming back from that overseas job (110/0.6364)
kissing all those boys before finally accepting you were gay (110/0.6667)
taking that corner too fast (110/0.6184)
Being a True and Vivid Account of the Life and Times of Kento Ikeda, Esq (110/0.4211)
that a city built on rock and roll would be structurally unsound (109/0.8105)
Telling her you'd love her forever before looking at the pregnancy test (109/0.6538)
not being a genius (109/0.6622)
choosing Philosophy as your major (109/0.4400)
eating at that really expensive restaurant (109/0.3333)
my high GPA in high school (109/0.2333)
mytholigizing him, like he does you (109/0.7273)
making the one big decision (109/0.3061)
making gang signs in Facebook photos (109/0.5172)
stabbing them in the back (109/0.5490)
talking yourself into a relationship (109/0.8033)
hiding the halibut on the poop deck (109/0.4783)
explaining to someone what the Regret Index is (109/0.2222)
clicking either 'yes' or 'no' even though you haven't experienced it, so you could pretend you're more worldly than you really are (109/0.6721)
kurt cobain's death (109/0.4831)
buying corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas (109/0.4211)