getting a tattoo of a woman fellating a horse on your hip

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You have to admit it was a pretty regretful tattoo:
So, man, I guess I still don't like tattoos at all but I don't really mind like discreet ones and today at the deli I just happened to notice my daughter has one on her upper inner arm and I really wanted to look to see what it was but ofc I can't stare: so I just acted like I hadn't noticed and mentally drew on like I don't know a picture of a planet that the rocket ship on her wrist could be orbiting or something?
And then in town I kept seeing people with just horrible, why-would-you-draw-that mismatched ugly terrible tattoos and tried real hard not to think about other tattoos she might have : or like Prince Alberts through her undoubtedly huge dickgirl dillio or whatever other bodmods but now I guess I should worry she's covered in crude representations of bestiality.
You shouldn't let your mind wander like that. It's probably just a butterfly because almost every girl gets a butterfly thinking it's a wonderful unique expression of herself: even though every girl gets a butterfly tattoo. Or, worst case scenario, it's some ironic hipster shit like a 1-up mushroom.
No, it seemed pretty extensive : so it's probably just the tip of the iceberg. Also, what the fuck is up with those bow tattoos on the back of thighs? Who would want that? Other than you know my future wife slash beloved daughter.
What bugs you about them: the design or the placement?
The bows? : They just creep me out, I guess. I can't really rationally explain why I don't like body art other than 'squeamishness'.
I mean I've dated women who have tattoos before : and I guess it's just one of those things that only matters unless it doesn't. I just... don't think of myself as liking tattoos, especially big ones.
I actively dislike tattoos: not every person with a tattoo is unappealing, but nobody is better looking with a tattoo than without.

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