meeting Brian Peppers

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I don't regret this at all: those waffles were delicious.
Francis: I've just started at
Humberto: I'm not working at the moment
Carmine: I have my own business
Zackary: Pleased to meet you
Andrea: How do you do?
Quinn: Hello good day
Zachary: Do you play any instruments?
Everette: Some First Class stamps
Vincenzo: I'd like some euros
Vernon: I need to charge up my phone
Scotty: A law firm
Dwight: I'd like to apply for this job
Eli: In tens, please (ten pound notes)
Jeffry: Are you a student?
Gabrielle: I'll put her on
Leonel: Very interesting tale
Allen: What's the interest rate on this account?
Maria: Hello good day
Liam: I've got a very weak signal
Lucien: Could I have an application form?

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