meeting Brian Peppers

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I don't regret this at all: those waffles were delicious.
Francis: I've just started at
Humberto: I'm not working at the moment
Carmine: I have my own business
Zackary: Pleased to meet you
Andrea: How do you do?
Quinn: Hello good day
Zachary: Do you play any instruments?
Everette: Some First Class stamps
Vincenzo: I'd like some euros
Vernon: I need to charge up my phone
Scotty: A law firm
Dwight: I'd like to apply for this job
Eli: In tens, please (ten pound notes)
Jeffry: Are you a student?
Gabrielle: I'll put her on
Leonel: Very interesting tale
Allen: What's the interest rate on this account?
Maria: Hello good day
Liam: I've got a very weak signal
Lucien: Could I have an application form?

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It is now referred to as the three prong standard or the Miller test, with the third prong being informally known by the initialism and mnemonic device "SLAPS" or the term "SLAPS test"
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