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So, like Star Trek Colon The Original Series was supposed to be a perfect future where we figured out all of the problems like poverty and racism and religion and Chinese people and gays and even though there was no nationalism you still got to end every : story with the notion that American (I mean Starfleet) values were the only correct ones. Plus, lots of 60's style free love. I'm a breast man myself, so I wouldn't mind if they replaced the miniskirts with low-cut tops.
Yeah. It's tempting to say the original Battlestar Galactica, but it seems like there's probably going to be a lot of religion in that particular universe: and while Star Wars is tempting I think we all know I'd be a Trandoshan garbage hauler with no money or ship of my own rather than a fabulous space princess or a high-flying anything else. I'd be the guy who works for the company that cleans up sand.
There's an alternate universe me who is still trying to make a living as a: Mon Calamari moisture farmer.
That honestly doesn't sound like a bad gig, as long as you can get the export licenses: bonusespecially include no sand and no sand people, with a very low probability of whiny farmboys. Downsides include lots of traps.

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