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Miss Teen USA Pageant Dumps the Swimsuit, Thousands of Horny Losers Disappointed by Misunderstanding
Mr T USA Pageant Dumps the Swimsuit
Mr T'wat
Miss Teen USA Pageant Dumps the Swimsuit
Time Travelling Kento coming back to have sex with himself
Mr T'was
that Mr T was diagnosed with T cell lymphoma
tricking ryan north into dating Kento
remember Will Arnett, he's back, in GOB form
hey guys, remember Jaylala, she's back, in POG form
remember Trump, he's back, in GOP form
checking this site after many, many spicy cheetos
Ditka surprised to read that he'll be at GOP convention with Trump, da Bears
That's when the weed, crank, and the machete came out
checking the California Girls site
tricking this site into checking another site
checking this site until she had a breastgasm
checking this site after many, many Eiffel Towerings by Chris Lydon and a walrus
checking this site after many, many twinks
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recent comments

(2) remember Trump, he's back, in GOP form
(7) checking this site after many, many years
(2) do you have any idea how much it costs to qualify as a padawan, let alone a Jedi Knight
(1) He liked to post innocent looking links that led to a photo of a My Little Pony doll he had jerked off on
(2) you should legally change your middle name to something really British like Crumpet or Boris or Benny Hill or something
(1) for me it's always going to be NPor, closely followed by RSte and EJac
(4) it's also possible that I might just change my mind one day for no real reason
(3) holding a party for Kento's birthday at the Sheraton Addis in the Omo Room
(4) that everyone keeps invoking a divorce analogy for Brexit, and you wish they would use something more appropriate, like, say, two dogs gradually decoupling after the knotting subsides
(1) going to that Sausage Festival
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kind of loving Gene Hunt, that magnificent bastard (1.0000)
the goddamn deliberately disabled modems Earthlink sent out to customers in the early aughts, cannot enable DHCP without "paying" extra, and using PPoE plus a router with DHCP disables streaming video, FU Earthlink (1.0000)
bragging about being from West Virginia (1.0000)
shows that only have eight episodes per season (1.0000)
regrets about pony blowing (1.0000)
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bottom regrets

sucking her left one until she had a breastgasm (0.0000)
telling the Philippines authorities that Kento is a drug mule (0.0000)
using the word "waffletastic" (0.0000)
rubbing one out in the bathroom at church (0.0000)
killing the California girls (0.0000)
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most voted regrets

meeting Brian Peppers (12561/0.9789)
Kento (2760/0.9993)
turtles (2607/0.0004)
the death of Sylvia Browne (2431/0.0004)
that you're suddenly very interested in the origin of the champagne out of a shoe trope (2336/0.5076)
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most discussed regrets

turtles (4882)
being a minimalist (4567)
tricking a straight guy into dating another straight guy (4418)
not having met ryan north (4257)
Kento (4240)
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