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Relatives of Osama bin Laden Killed in Plane Crash in England Colon Friend
all alone in this heat
eating human boners
eating human bones
They wore latex bodysuits, which were intended to make them resemble a pair of large penises
the death of Twin Long Rods #Two
Hogan was defeated by Sting at Bound For Glory, ending his run as the storyline president of TNA
the death of Wiry Prop Rod Eddy
the death of Rowdy Roddy Piper
telling Wyclef Jean 'why aye man!'
King Clef pinups how do they work
fun ping pickles how do they work
fucking nipples how do they work
Jugalo Jewel's boobs
juggling Jewel's boobs
the Regret Syntax index
asking Warren G Harding "orange you glad I said banana" in Havana
the Regret Index syntax
her personal physician jiggling Jewel's boobs
Urgently Una
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(1) wondering if there was something in the recent comments that finally got Ryan a cease & desist letter
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top regrets

kind of loving Gene Hunt, that magnificent bastard (1.0000)
Facing the dodo's conundrum, I felt like I could just fly, but nothing happened every time I tried (1.0000)
listening to Chinese Japanese English hip hop (1.0000)
not being able to use a star to abbreviate Homestar Runner with the Regret Index syntax (1.0000)
Scientology (1.0000)
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bottom regrets

using the word "waffletastic" (0.0000)
rubbing one out in the bathroom at church (0.0000)
sucking her left one until she had a breastgasm (0.0000)
having sex with a girl who looked a lot like Christina Ricci (0.0000)
stealing that girl's bra from the communal laundry room (0.0000)
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most voted regrets

meeting Brian Peppers (12560/0.9789)
Kento (2758/0.9993)
turtles (2607/0.0004)
the death of Sylvia Browne (2430/0.0000)
that you're suddenly very interested in the origin of the champagne out of a shoe trope (2336/0.5076)
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